Before their much anticipated Indian debut this weekend, the DJ super-group answered a few questions for The Sherp regarding their music, the Barong Family label and YC’s new found success in the dance music industry…

For those who don’t know, Yellow Claw is a DJ trio from Amsterdam. The group consists of Bizzey (Leo Roelandschap), Jim Aasgier (Jim Taihuttu) and Nizzle (Nils Rondhuis). Their music is a mix of wide range of genres and often incorporates elements from trap music, hip hop, dubstep, hardstyle and moombahton. The trio from The Netherlands have been on a roll lately, by dropping massive releases on various labels including their own Barong Family imprint. Several live shows later, Yellow Claw still remains hungry for more. Catch them live on May 8 at Richardson & Cruddas, Mumbai. Get your tickets here!


Hey guys! This is your first time performing in India. You’ve got a really massive fan following here, and the wait is finally over. How excited are you for your debut Indian edition?

We are very excited to finally play for you guys.

Barong Family as a label is growing and growing rapidly; you have guys like Cesqeaux, Moksi, Mike Cervello and several others really taking it forward. What’s next for Barong Family? Will we possibly see a label showcase of sorts in India?

Who knows, start booking them! 😉 The label is taking huge steps at the moment, we’re working on some super cool projects, don’t sleep on our fam, that’s all we can say for now.

 You released your first and only LP, the diverse Blood For Mercy last year. In your opinion, what is more satisfying for you: putting up EPs and singles, or releasing more albums?

Producing an album was a great experience, it really helped us grow as artists and producers. If we had to choose we would choose for releasing more albums probably.

India has a vast indie music scene, and an equally huge mainstream scene. Are there any Indian musicians that you’ve heard of or love listening to?


Performing live and producing are both very important for an electronic artist to get the word out. Which one do you like better? DJing or making more music?

We love doing both. Don’t make us choose. 😉


The sound system at a music festival is the most important aspect. In terms of sound production, where do you think music festivals and gigs go wrong? Have you had any bad experiences with sound that you’d want to share with us?

Not reall, we have our TM doing sound checks regularly, so we don’t have a lot of problems with sound issues.

“Yellow Mother F***ing Claw” is becoming quite a popular line among your fans, and so is Blood For Mercy. How did these phrases come about?

Jim is the king of our one liners.

 Your sets are energetic and high-octane, and we’ve seen mini mosh pits at your sets! How good are our chances of seeing some moshing at your India gig? 

100 % trust us!

The Dutch EDM scene is unparalleled by pretty much anyone else. Who are your favourite DJs/producers from the Netherlands right now?

Cesqeaux, Moksi, Mike Cervello.

What is your advice to music festival promoters in India and around the world, if any?