Ahead of their gig at Cirkus Indigo, The Sherp got in touch with super-trio Daddy’s Groove and had a quick and casual chat with them. 

Hailing from Italy, Daddy’s Groove consists of Gianni Romano, Carlo Grieco, and Peppe Folliero. have over the years become one of the biggest names in the dance music scene, playing to sold out gigs at some of the most famous clubs and festivals around the world. Famous for their supreme remixing abilities, the trio have worked on mixes for the likes of Axwell, David Guetta, Lady Gaga, Brittany Spears and many more. They have also released a string of original tracks such as Unbelievable, Stellar, Vertigo, Tilt and more that have not only topped the charts but have also become dance-floor favourites globally.

Hey guys, we’re really keen on hearing your music at Cirkus Indigo this year! Tell us, how was your previous experience in India?
The last time was truly amazing, we really enjoyed one of the hottest crowd we ever had, and we can’t wait to be there again!

We know Daddy’s Groove as the trio of Carlo, Peppe & Gianni. What role does each one of you play in the studio? Any specifics?
We usually work together in the studio but also separated to find melodies or beats comparing our different influences. Then when Carlo and I have to travel touring around, Peppe stays in studio finalizing our projects. This way to work permits us to be very productive even being around a lot.

daddys groove3

How did the 3 of you get together? Tell us the story behind the coming together of Daddy’s Groove.
Peppe and I have started working together in 2006 on some music more house oriented, at the same time Carlo was more involved in a tek – minimal sound. In 2008 we decided to join our forces in a single project “Daddy’s Groove” putting all of our influences together.

Would you describe your sound as characteristically Italian? How would you best describe the essential Italian sound?
As I said before, the background of each of us has enabled us to get the sound of Daddy’s Groove. House sound that blends melodies with often potential to crossover plus groove  sometimes on house sometimes on thechno based.  We always have a maniacal attention  on the sound! At the end of the day we are pretty fair from an “italian” sound, we spend most of our time around traveling and touring so we get the best we can from all over.

How has it been working with the likes of David Guetta & Axwell? Any interesting moments?
It is absolutely exciting and challenging, but at the same time it’s very important for us to learn from them, they both are such talented guys and I think that the level of our production today is higher thanks to the many partnerships we have had in years.

One of the interesting moments was last summer when we spent one day in our studio with David for his album and in the same day we went to ibiza with his privet jet for our gig  at “FMIF Pacha “ where we performed to test the track just made ​​in studio!

Considering the massive explosion in the dance music scene, how has it changed your approach towards your music?
We always try to balance our production between more club oriented tracks and vocals like “Stellar” or “Surrender” for the radio! Our approach didn’t change, we always try to do what we like.

Credits: facebook.com/OfficialDaddysGroove/

About your official podcast ‘Genesis’ – How do you choose the tracks you feature on it? Any specific inclinations?
Doing a new DJ set every week is often difficult, it’s hard to find new stuff we like week by week, for this we dedicated a space for young and talented producers and it is really good to hear and check so many things that come to us!

Did you happen to try the Indian cuisine the last time you were here? If yes, what are you looking forward to getting your hands on as soon as you land?
We tried something of course, but unfortunately, as you know we are Italian and it is really hard to get away from our tastes and flavors!

Best venue you’ve ever played at?
There are so many amazing venues all over the world, Ushuaia and Pacha in Ibiza, Create in LA, Ruby Skye in San Francisco, Story in Miami, Ministry of Sound in London… but of course Tomorrowland was really awesome!

Imagine you’re playing a marathon 6 hour set, and you’ve run out of tracks to play – Tell us the one track you’d drop to wrap up your performance.
The new one 🙂