Starting off their DJ-ing bonanza back in 2010, the two Dutchmen once claimedwe couldn’t dance, so we became djsand  since then have been nothing less than outstanding. Having collaborated on Beatport headliners with the likes of fellow young proteges Julian Jordan & Martin Garrix, it’s safe to say they’ve got their careers to a peach of a start. The Sherp had a brief chat with the duo about India, K!NK and their rapid rise in the electronic music scene.  




Hey guys, this is not the first time you’re touring India. How was the Enchanted Valley Carnival experience?

Hey guys! Indeed, it was our first time in India and we really liked it over there. The culture, the country and the party are awesome! We liked it!


With so many artists from the Netherlands vying to make it to the top, what are the basic challenges newcomers like yourself face to put a foothold into the scene?

The most important thing is making good music, that’s the only way to get as big as you want!




With your new track ‘The Hold’ receiving worldwide acclaim, how important do you think it is to come up with that one groundbreaking track that sets the market into a frenzy?

It’s super important, it will give you a great boost that you need! But overall you need to release good tracks and sometimes it will be bigger then you thought!  


The DJ’s lifestyle is the stuff dreams are made of. But what’s the one drawback about being a DJ? If you could name one.

Sometimes the traveling is really hard and of course missing you family and friends is hard as well, because sometimes you need that time with your family and friends!




How would you best describe your sound? Who have been your primary inspirations growing up in Holland?

It’s our vision on music, we do what we like and I think you’ll hear that back in our productions! But if you really want to describe it, it’s Electro House!


You started your trade professionally in 2010, and you’ve grown in stature ever since. What’s the secret behind such a swift rise? Is there a mantra of some sort you would like to reveal to upcoming artists out there?

There’s not a secret, we just made tracks and the people liked it! And that’s the most important thing, you need to make music that the people and of course you love!


It must be a great feeling listening to the fruits of your endless hours of hard work in the studio being dropped by the top guns in the industry. Name a few people who have helped you on your musical journey.

Yes, it’s awesome to see the support on all our tracks! We’re really thankful! The people who inspired us and helped us in our career are: Our management, Spinnin’ Records, Showtek, Dada Life and our booker 2-Dutch. They believe in us and that feels great!


What is by far, the best crowd you’ve played in front of? And the best venue?

That’s hard, we’ve played so much great clubs and festival the past year! But if we name a few, Starbeach [Greece], Le Titan [Lyon] with Martin Garrix, The Arches [Glasgow] with Showtek and more we forget now!



The theme of K!NK has been deeply inspired from the streets of Amsterdam. What do you think, is the predominant sound that prevails in Holland, in spite of so many various genres of music being experienced there.  In other words, what’s the Dutch peoples favorite sound?

That’s hard to mention, but we think it’s all about good music in The Netherlands! They just like good music and that’s great!


Lastly, name the one track that you’d drop anywhere, anytime. A personal favorite.

We got a edit of our own track with Martin Garrix called Just Some Loops mixed with Raise Those Hands by R3HAB and Bassjackers and that one works everywhere!