Arguably the most energetic duo in the Electronic music scene right now, The Sherp was lucky enough to catch up with the super chill and humble artists from The Netherlands for a quick chat.

The Dutchmen are enjoying another spectacular year in the industry and as they dished out their best in front of a packed Metlife Staidum, The crowd seemed to love every moment of their set and James and Marciano seemed to be enjoying their set as well.  


You are two of the most energetic DJs to watch as well as listen to, endless energy exudes from the DJ booth with you two bouncing about – What’s your secret?

It’s our love for the music and the energy of the crowd that fuels us.


How did you two first meet and decide to get together musically? 

We started off with DJing and as we started playing more and more gigs we really wanted to start producing music too. At that point, I’d say we were new to production but had a lot of experience as DJs but we worked hard and put in a lot of time practicing the art of production and we had our first release in 2010.

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How do you guys handle constant traveling while trying to manage everything else? 

It all seems to fall in to place naturally when you do what you love.


Judging from your last EDC performance to now, how has life changed for both of you?

EDC was amazing and we have a lot of exciting shows like EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland and shows in Ibiza.


Any upcoming collaborations or remixes we should know about?

Yes, we’re not going reveal track names at this moment but I can name the artists: Gareth Emery and Calvin Harris.


You’ll  have played in India before, tell us more on your thoughts about India?

Sunnery: We love India, it’s amazing. We absolutely loved the food too.

Ryan: Yeah, I agree with Sunnery, I’d like to add that the cows on the road really freaked me out but it was still really cool!

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Festive Five

1) If you had to get married at a festival, which one would it be and why? 

Sunnery: I’m already married!

Ryan: Tomorrowland.


2) Who/what is your favorite festival buddy? Tell us why

Ryan: Sunnery.

Sunnery: Ryan (both laugh)

3) A festival you would consider being sober at?

The North Sea Jazz Festival.


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4) If you could take only 3 things to a festival, what would they be and why?

Both: Vodka & Sunglasses!

Ryan: and condoms! (everyone laughs)


5) Name a festival you would consider attending alone. Tell us why.

Awakenings Festival.


Check out the vibe they’re renowned to dish out as they played a destroyer of a set at Miami this year: