As Tomorrowland 2014 draws closer, The Sherp had a quick chat with Shaan Singh on his groundbreaking breakthrough of being the first Indian to perform at the world’s most popular electronic music festival.  

It’s official, with Tomorrowland revealing it’s line up for it’s brand new ‘Lotto Dream Island‘ stage, we spot (S)haan‘s name alongside the phenomenal Michael Woods as he’s slated to perform on the second weekend (Friday). Here it is:


On this outstanding feat, The Sherp had a quick chat with Shaan, and here’s how it went down: 

Congratulations on being the first Indian DJ to play at Tomorrowland! How did this process happen and how did you react to getting the news?

Thanks! Oh it took ages, took around a year and a half of working on new music, new sets, the whole brand. It all happened thanks to a strong team of mine! I was really excited; although could not really celebrate because I was doing an internship, so was working at the time!

The pressure associated with this honor is immense. What are you doing to prepare yourself for it?

Agreed the pressure is immense, but I don’t feel it. When someone gets pressured it hampers their performance! I’ve played twice at Ministry Of Sound now, closing The Box and I did feel pressured the first time and because of that I’ve learnt how to handle it well.

shaan cover

Your father, Shailendra Singh, is one of the most influential people in the Indian dance music scene. How hard has it been to break away from his shadow and create your own individual identity?

It was tough in the first few months of my career but I’ve never really let what people think affect me, therefore it was not a great task to create an individual identity.

You have been working on some original music. Will this feature in your set list at Tomorrowland?

Yes, all of them!

The future is ripe with opportunities like this, what is that one festival you have always wanted to play at and why?

There are too many, Sunburn has been my home since I was a kid so closing the Mainstage on the last day would be a dream, but it’s not easy I barely moved onto the cubezoid in 3 years of being a resident! In that point of view I would really love to play at Ultra, even if its not on Mainstage, just the immensity of the festival would out do me.


Tomorrowland 2014 is set to kick off this July over two weekends (18-20th July & 25-27th July) and The Sherp hopes India’s prime representative – Shaan, can put us on the global map at the world’s most popular electronic music festival. Good Luck!