The Sherp had an amicable tête-à-tête with Wes Scantlin right before Puddle of Mudd’s show at Hard Rock Cafe about their hit She Hates Me and a lot more. Read the full interview below!

The iconic late 90’s – early 2000’s band from Kansas, Missouri played their very first show in Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai last night. While the rest of the band was out exploring the nooks and crannies of the city (we later discovered), we caught Wes Scantlin, frontman of the band and self-proclaimed goofball right before the show for a chat over some sushi about their tour in India and the like. Here’s the gist of our conversation with him!


Hi Wes! We’re so excited that you guys are finally here. Where is the rest of your band?

I don’t know. But I have to be here. I’m the man. I started the band, so I’ve got to be the guy and these guys can go do whatever they want to do. And they are all freaking out! Because they never thought in a billion years, and nor did I, that we would be here, in India.

What is it that put India on the map for you?

It would be Artists Worldwide, my business managers and a lot of people, basically. A lot of people.

Was there something about India specifically, though, that fascinated you?

Well, I think the culture here is wonderful. I think the artistic-ness [here] is beautiful. I’m inspired by the artistic-ness of the Indian culture. I really am. [Adds later:] The women here are all very beautiful.

We hear you’re recording a new album. What can we expect from it? 

It’s going to rock and there are going to be some inspirational, you know, heartfelt songs. Some hardcore songs, some heavy stuff.

How different is the next album going to be from Songs in the Key of Love and Hate and your previous works in terms of the progression of your innate sound and style?

It’s basically going to be from top to bottom, there’s going to be hooks, you know? That’s the whole method, of writing these songs. You have to capture the person’s… faith, I guess you could say. I really, really want it to inspire people. The main goal is to help people, you know. That’s basically it. If I can do that, again, and again and again, I’m cool with it. Like U2.

So U2 is one of your inspirations?

U2 is a big inspiration for me, yes. And a lot of other artists are big inspirations to me. Like Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac and Madonna. Their music really reaches the heart. I’m trying to reach into peoples’ hearts and perhaps help them through hard times in their lives, help them celebrate a win.


Contrary to popular belief, there is rock in India and we have many independent rock bands. Would you be willing to check some of the local rock music out while you’re in town?

Of course. Of course I will. There are probably many, many artists here that are really, really talented.

She Hates Me is one of the most iconic rock songs of the past decade. Can you tell us the story behind it?

So that’s about my son’s mother. I was never married to this woman, but… she fucking hates me. She still hates me.

Has touring, the experience itself, changed for you since you first toured for Abrasive or Come Clean?

It has. I mean, we’re here. That was just a little boxed room in Kansas, Missouri, you know. Now I’m all the way here in India. That’s pretty cool.

You released the song ‘Piece of the Action’ last year. Were you happy with the response it received?

I guess it was cool. I mean, we were trying to release something.


Since we’re a festival-based website, here are a few fun questions related to that.

If you had to get married at a festival, which one would it be?

You know what, if I ever, ever, ever, ever, ever got married in my life, ever again? EVER? Which is never going to happen, but if it did have to actually happen and God had to come down and go, ‘You have to get married here.’ It would be Burning Man. I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard it’s awesome.

Which festival would you consider being sober at?

Burning Man! Because that would be hard. To remain completely sober at Burning Man? That would be a challenge. I know what they do over there at Burning Man, dude. They are going cray-cray. Or! The festival on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

Name a festival you would love to attend alone.

The Rock Fest, in Kansas City, Missouri. I could show up in a lot of different places, nobody with me and I could know a lot of new people.

Who/what is your favourite festival buddy? Tell us why.

That would have to be Chi Cheng, from the Deftones. God bless his soul, he was a really, really nice man.