The Sherp talks to India’s current bass raja, Nucleya about his fantastic new album ‘Bass Rani’, his electrifying career and how exactly he came to be called ‘Nucleya’.


1. Hey Udyan, first of all congratulations on your new album Bass Rani! What genres of Indian music have influenced the making of this record?

When I started working on the album I had way much more, but I consolidated everything to 8 songs. Right now I have Punjabi, Tamil, Maharastra’s Folk music style, the sort of stuff you hear at ganpati fest. Tiny bit of indian classical stuff, some bollywood and lots of electronic, but everything is kinda mashed into each other so nothing is in its pure form.

2. Your journey through dance music in India has been quite an electrifying one, what was that one moment in your career that changed the course of it entirely? 

I think when Akkad Bakkad gained major popularity things changed for good.

3. Some would call your music ‘Desi Trap’. How would you describe your sound?

I actually don’t prefer to put a name to the sort of music I make. I like the fact that people can recognise my songs instantly when they hear it. But I don’t mind people giving it names, they can call it whatever they want.


4. Dropping Bass Rani during Ganesh Visarjan was a great idea, did you purposely plan its release around this time of the year or did things just fall into place?

I think things just fell into place, but this idea of playing at a Ganpati fest is an old idea. My music is such that I always thought that playing at a ganpati fest will be just perfect.

5. We’re curious about your moniker Nucleya. What’s the story behind the name?

There is unfortunately no meaning as such, Nucleya was my email password way back in the days and I just thought it was cool to use it as a moniker.

6. Our favourite from your new album is Laung Gawacha feat Avneet Khurmi. Which track from the album did you have the most fun working on?

I enjoyed working on each song, and I love each one of them equally, each song is different from others and it’s not possible to have a favourite for me. I was a bit emotional when I was working on Aaja which features our son, Guri’s voice.

7. As a producer and DJ you must have a lot of music to draw inspiration from. We’d like to know what you are listening to currently. What does your ipod playlist look like?

It’s very non-electronic most of the time. I like folk music, south Indian film music, etc. Basically I try and bring the sounds and melodies of these genres to electronic music, somehow.

8. So, what does Nucleya get up to on a day off?

It’s usually lazy, I hang with my family, go to the beach, listen to music, chill vibes basically.

9. To amateur producers who want to make it big + have their own unique sound like you do, what advice would you give? 

Find like-minded DJs who would play their music in their sets and try and get a manger who believes in you and is as excited as you are.

10. Lastly could you give us hints about what you have planned from your Red Bull Tour Bus gig, this October?

I have not done gigs in such a long time, I am just extremely excited to be back on the road and play. I have a brand new set with new music and some old tracks of mine.



Festive Four

1. If you had to get married at a festival, which would it be and why?

NH7 Weekender ’cause I like the fact that its not a genre based festival it celebrates music in general.

2. Who/What is your favourite festival buddy? Tell us why.

I usually don’t really party through out the festival, + I have way too many people I usually hang with. It’s difficult to pick one.

3. If you could take only three things to a festival, what would they be and why?

Phone, pen drive with music (so I can DJ where ever I can) and may be an extra t shirt.

4. Name a festival you would like to attend alone.

Hmmm I don’t know, I probably won’t go alone ’cause it probably won’t be as much fun.