The supreme queen of deep and serene dance music has mesmerized the industry with her incredibly melodic productions for quite some time now. The Sherp had a lengthy chat with her at Ultra Music Festival:

1.What was it like to close Stage 7 at Ultra Music Festival?

Stage 7 was a great place to play, the set up was really cool and more and more people gathered while I was playing. The vibe was perfect, people were having a lot of fun and so was I!


2. Do you prepare differently for sets at music festivals vs. sets in clubs?  If yes, what are the things that you do differently?

Yes mostly. In clubs I play a little deeper and funkier. Outdoor festivals are the perfect spot for my own rather summery music. At the big festivals you often get an hour, max. 1.5 hours slots, so I often prepare a little more to be sure I am able to show the tracks I really wanna have in my set.


3. Which festivals will you be playing over the summer?

There are a couple of huge festivals in Europe, like “Buiten Westen” and “Pleinvrees Heroes” both in Amsterdam, some others in Norway, Czech Republic, Germany, Australia and Fiji. I’ll be back in the US for Splash House Festival.


4. What are your favourite cities to play in the USA?

New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami have always been great. Most of the places I have played so far were really fun! I enjoy playing in the US.


5. What was the funniest/craziest experience you’ve had while touring?

Sometimes when the tour is really busy and I’m flying from one place to another without long layovers I often wake up nervously, not sure if I’m just about to miss my flight or if I maybe have to play in a couple of minutes!


6. How do you handle constant traveling while trying to manage everything else?

It is a bit more difficult to keep track of everything. But waiting times at the airports, even in flights give you the chance to catch up with some unfinished business.


7. Any upcoming originals, collaborations or remixes we should know?

I am previewing my upcoming EP called Into The Wild these days. It consists of two tracks. The title connects to my roots which are in South Africa, and the more I tour the more I miss the tranquillity I used to find in the African wilderness. The title track reminds me very much of that – it’s typical Nora En Pure signature sound.

Here are a few fun festival related questions we’d like you to answer:

1. If you had to get married at a festival, which one would it be and why?

Maybe Mysteryland.  The grounds are amazing, it has stunning vegetation and the view is beautiful. There is also so much more an artistic side to it than just music, also the location on the original Woodstock grounds, give it a deeper meaning.


2. Name your top 3 music Festivals?

Pleinvrees Amsterdam, Mysteryland USA, Ultra.


3. A festival you would consider being sober at?

I’m actually always sober, as a real music lover I like to enjoy the music and watch the act. One or two drinks are always welcome but that’s it.


4. If you could take only 3 things to a festival, what would they be and why?

A hammock, my own cocktail bar and a top chef! At festivals things often have to go fast, so the food and the drinks lack a bit of attention. The hammock is essential to just relax from the extensive walking, dancing and standing around.

nora rapid eye

5. Name a festival you would consider attending alone. Tell us why.

I wouldn’t go to any. I need my people around me to enjoy and share beautiful moments. The value of these memories is for me only half if not shared.

(All Images Courtesy: Nora En Pure Facebook/ Rapid Eye Photo)