Prior to his Mumbai performance, The Sherp had quick tete-a-tete with Grammy nominated tech-house expert Nic Fanciulli, as he elaborated on the concept behind the ‘Resistance’ and how he balances his life as a record label owner, an artist and a father. 


1. Hey Nic, the entire team at Festival Sherpa is really glad to have you here.  You have a really strong fan base here, and we’re extremely excited about this tour.  Can you tell us what you’ve heard about India from your fellow artists?

Thank you!  I’m really excited to be coming back – last time I was in India was for Sunburn Festival back in 2011 I think, so it’s been a while.  I think there’s more of a scene there than people realise – I wish i could make it over more often!


2. There are a number of Indian artists who aspire to reach the heights you’ve scaled in dance music.  Whats the best part about doing what you do?
I just love DJ’ing – I’m addicted to it, and have always loved it.  That for me is the most amazing thing – i’m really into the production side of things also, but i came from DJ’ing, and that will always be the driving force for me.
3. Can you give us a peek into what ‘Resistance’ is all about? What does it hope to achieve in the coming years? 
Resistance is part of Ultra Worldwide’s plan to push people to discover and experience things they aren’t familiar with already.  Genre’s like EDM work as a gateway to the more niche types of music, and it’s a really good way of getting kids into dance music I think.  These guys may discover guys like Avicii, David Guetta and Calvin Harris one year, then fast forward a couple of years and, as they get deeper and more involved in the scene they start discovering new artists, genres and record labels that aren’t necessarily as commercially successful, but still very important.
4. You’ve worked with countless artists ranging from Kylie Minogue to Loco Dice.  Which was your favourite alliance, and who do you look forward to working with in the future? 
Wow, it’s really hard to pick a favourite!  I think everything has it’s moment in time – I guess if I had to think of a few notable ones on the DJ side, it would be James Zabiela on our One+One tour, Carl Cox is always an absolute pleasure to be around and DJ with, and most recently my La Familia residency with Joris Voorn all stick out to me.  On the production side I’ve loved every aspect, from working with Andy Chatterly on our Skylark stuff, to working with Joris Voorn on original productions, and guys like Alex Tepper & Rolando.

5. How difficult is it to juggle your multiple roles as a record label owner, an artist, and being a father?
It’s hard being away from the family at the weekend, but once i get to the venue and see the smiles on peoples faces, it’s all worth it.  It’s all about time management;  i have to work at the weekends, and make sure I spend time with my son on the week days as much as possible, as well as trying to keep a regular working day – it’s tough, but doable.
Festival Sherpa Rapid Fire Questions: 


1. Who/What is your favourite festival buddy? Tell us why.
My brother he always makes me laugh and doesn’t know when to stop.

2. If you could only take 3 things to a festival, what would they be and why?
Money, phone, friends.

3. Name a festival you would consider attending alone.
Burning Man as I’ve heard its amazing.


(All Images Courtesy: Nic Fanciulli Facebook)