German producer, Moguai, speaks to The Sherp before kicking off his India tour this week!


Known for his remarkable live sets with surround sound experiences, Moguai has been a leading figure in the realm of dance music. Before his three-city Indian tour kicks off this weekend, Moguai has an exclusive interview with The Sherp. Read on…

Sherp: You’ve come here before. What do you have to say about the potential of India turning into a prime EDM location like Europe has?

Moguai: I like the evolution of EDM in India a lot. My very first show in India was in Goa for the Sunburn people. I played the last set there on a Sunday together with Axwell and I was really surprised to see that the people here celebrate like hell, enjoy themselves a lot, know what they’re up for and what they want to listen. It impressed me as well how popular my tracks in India are. I’m really looking forward to be back for my next India Tour!

Sherp: One thing you can’t leave home without?

Moguai: I can’t travel without my talisman.

Sherp: Biggest inspiration in your life?

Moguai: Life itself!

Sherp: Do you have any rituals that you perform before playing a live set?

Moguai: Yes, I always have a short nap in the hotel before my show, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. And I always have to be in the club or festival 1 hour before showtime.

Sherp: Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Moguai: Chicken liver. Not my thing!

Sherp: Biggest fail behind the console?

Moguai: I played a live show in Korea with my computer, Ableton and some controllers and I forgot to plug in the charger. So without watching the laptop screen, the music stopped and I had to go on with the CDJs. Too stupid 🙂

Sherp: Best moment behind the console?

Moguai: When I played the last Love Parade in Berlin in front of 750,000 people. That was just awesome!

Sherp: If not a DJ, what would be your desired choice of career?

Moguai: If I wasn’t a musician/DJ/producer, I would love to design pretty much anything! Fashion, furniture, cars…

Sherp: Happiest moment of your life?

Moguai: When I married my wife!

Sherp: If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Moguai: I would love to beam myself wherever I want. That would be so great and helpful as well.

Sherp: What are you working on these days?

Moguai: Right now I’m working on a collaboration with Steve Angello, another one with Tiesto and one with Moby. So a lot of collaborations coming soon. Then I’m working on a follow up for my label ‘Punx’ and another track for ‘Mau5trap’. Watch out, a lot MOGUAI stuff is coming very soon!

Sherp: Any advice you’d like to give to young & upcoming DJs/producers out there?

Moguai: Live and love your dream and never ever give up, even when you’ve heard ‘No’ 100 thousand times. One day you’ll hear YES!!!

A big shout-out to Deep Sound Entertainment for this exclusive interview!