The Sherp was at TomorrowWorld this year and had the opportunity to interact with some of the best names in the dance music industry. Here’s a short chat he had with the legendary Ferry Corsten

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Ferry Corsten doesn’t need an introduction. Trance wouldn’t be the same without Ferry’s influence. The Sherp was got to interview Corsten at his very own ‘Full- On Ferry’ Stage at the recently concluded TomorrowWorld. Excerpts.

Could you tell us how the idea for the Full On stage came to your mind?

It started in 2007 in my home town, Rotterdam, Netherlands. I did three events there where I would play for eight hours and then the DJs on the line-up would join me on the stage and we would play B2B for 45 minutes. Then we got the opportunity to go to Ibiza and we had to change the format because it was a club. So we changed into having every DJ play their own set with me showing up at the end of their set for 15 minutes to play B2B before the next DJ would come on stage. That’s what we’ve been doing for four years in Ibiza, this whole summer we were at Space, and it was amazing. We did Stereosonic in Australlia, we did two weekends at TomorrowLand and TomorrowWorld last year and right now we’re here. It’s a lot of fun because it is different styles of music that somehow, still blend together.

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Can you sum up the ‘Full-On’ Experience in three words?

Can I do 4 words ?

Sure !

Out of this world!

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Markus Schulz and you have been playing together as the New World Punx for some time now. How did that project start ?

I know Markus  since 2000-2001 when he was resident at Space in Miami; I used to play a lot with him and a couple of years ago in Ibiza we were there and not working, just hanging out at a friend’s house and we were talking about music  and we noticed that we have the same sort of interest. The idea came for making something together when we realised the whole scene is getting so serious and we just want to go back to the fun of it and that’s why we teamed up. At first, it wasn’t branded as the New World Punx but then when we did it a few times there were so many promoters around the world that asked us to come over and play together we decided to give the project a name to make it easier for everybody.

Is there a story behind the name?

Markus’ biggest track is ‘The new world’ and my biggest track is ‘Punk’, so together we’re The New World Punx. It also reflects a bit of the edginess.

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Yeah, I see that with the animated characters 

Yeah, every one knows us (Markus and Ferry ) as Trance DJs but as NWP we pay stuff that is a lot edgier and harder.

You’ve been to India a couple of times, what do you have to say about the scene there?

I love it there, last December I was in Goa at an amazing show and we’re going to be back in India for EVC this year. I know there is a massive scene with a very dedicated following which is so cool to see.

Can you name three global artistes that are coming up extremely fast and  are producing great music?

One guy that I’m really behind is Jacob van Hage who played this stage earlier today. His style is a little more Big Roomy but it’s not the same old Big- Room. It’s party music that is very driven. I’ve been working with Markus and he introduced me to KhoMa and he is on fire! Plus, there’s this trance artiste from Spain called Dimension.

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