Detroit, popularly cited as the birthplace of techno, is home to a street level collective of music producers and DJ’s who are dedicated to maintain and preserve the significance of the sound that was born in this city. The Sherp had an insightful chat with the Detroit Techno Militia at Detroit’s prime techno showcase – the Movement Festival.  


1. The Detroit Techno Militia’s association with Movement has been consistent over the years. With artists like T Linder playing DEMF back in 2002 even before the festival was called Movement, can you tell us a little more about Detroit Techno Militia’s relationship with Movement.

As DJ Psycho would say “It’s techno Christmas for us”.  All our friends and family from all over the world come to dance under the stars in Hart Plaza to the music we love.  It’s such an important weekend for us.  We’ve supported the festival since day one.  Paxahau recognizes the importance of making sure there is a local representation at the festival every year.  I feel that we get the nod because we continue to give back to the music community through out the year.


2. What is the future looking like for Detroit Techno Militia? As co-founder, what goals would you like yourselves to accomplish in the next few years?

The future looks bright.  We are expanding our roster and growing our record label catalog.  We will continue to network with like-minded crews all over the world to help grow the underground techno syndicate.  We have been 100% DIY since day one so we have to keep coming up with new ways to spread the word and help influence the next generation.

3. Do all the artists on DTM have collective influences/inspirations? Music as well as non-music related, could you tell us more about both?
We all started out as friends, playing shows together and going to parties together.  The guys are competitive with each other and like to push each other to higher levels in the craft of DJing and production.  We do not rest on our laurels.  The friendship and close family bonds are what really set us apart from other crews.  We’ve grown up together and experienced a lot of our major life events together. We also have intense appreciations for music, especially music from Detroit.  We are students of Detroit music history and we have been lucky enough to work with most of the people who wrote that history.
4. At which other festivals can fans catch Detroit Techno Militia artists performing?

Coming up this weekend is the return of the DTM 5×5 at Pine Groove in Port Huron, MI. After that we have Tec-Troit in Harmony Park in July. Then in August, you can catch the guys at Charivari on Belle Isle.


5. What makes Detroit such a fertile ground for musical innovation?

They say the best art comes from pain.  Detroit has it’s fair share of hardships so it’s important that we stay creative and push forward.  People can express emotion through music, capturing emotions that words often can’t describe.  People are just trying to escape the harsh realities that circumstance has presented.  There are so many brilliant musicians here in Detroit that it’s hard not to be inspired.  There is a lot of camaraderie and friendship among the artists here, too.

6. What inspired you to start Detroit Techno Militia?

I had a deep desire to see my guys do more with their amazing talents and skills.  I had the ability to tell other people about what they were doing so it was a natural fit.

7. Tell us a little more about the Detroit- Berlin connection and Detroit Techno Militia’s role in the connection.

I am the project manager for the Detroit-Berlin Connection Detroit Team.  We are responsible for making sure our voices are heard to the city and that we are working with the neighborhoods where we’d like to operate.  We work with a brilliant team of people in Berlin, headed up by Dimitri Hegemann of Tresor/Kraftwerk Berlin.  My guys have performed at Tresor on multiple occasions but I actually had the pleasure of meeting Dimitri on one of his visits here to Detroit.  We plan on visiting Berlin in August with a delegation of Detroit city officials to share ideas on how Berlin became one of the top 3 tourist locations in Europe.  We want to inspire them with the music and sub-culture and hope to bring some of that back to Detroit with us.  One of our main goal would be to build Detroit’s night economy so that music and creativity can flourish.

(Cover Image Courtesy: Resident Advisor)