If the upcoming Bacardi NH7 Weekender’s fever hasn’t gripped you already, The Sherp’s one year throwback will make sure it does.

The Weekender is surely India’s one true festival for independent music representation; with its ability to put the very best of the country’s indie scene on the same platform as that from around the world. And if the 2015 edition is anything to go by, it sounds like an incredible 5-year anniversary run for the NH7 family. With names like Mogwai, A R Rahman, Mark Ronson, Flying Lotus and SBTRKT on the lineup, along with the most promising acts from India’s music scene, we cannot absolutely wait for how this year’s weekender will turn up. And if you’re not as enthusiastic as we are, yet, then The Sherp has a simple one-year throwback to get you going.

Seriously, do you remember how good the 2014’s music really was? 

1. When the kids of Manganiyar Seduction hit their Hindustani vocals just right, and the audience was collectively confused over breaking out into ‘aww-s’ or ‘waah-waahs’. Very few times has it happened that a visibly urban audience were so taken in by Indian classical music. 


2. When one of India’s favourite American acts Goldspot took to the stage, and when ‘the moment’ of the evening set in, the crowds broke out in a collective harmony of the band’s Friday, and we truly felt the Weekender vibe, in all its spirit. 




3.  When India’s most exciting new names in independent music took to the stage to give some of the most impressive performances during the festival, and every music fan in the audience bemused that ‘India’s independent scene had finally arrived’!

One of them was when Nicholson’s dreamy vocals were laid out over demure electronic and instrumental music, and everyone felt so validated!

Or when The Ska Vengers, India’s eight-member answer to an amazing fusion between ska, reggae and electrofunk took to the stage and the audience went wild with abandon!

And also when Nikhil D’Souza crooned some soulful numbers, that coincided with the Pune sunset, and you felt everything was right with the world.


4. Of course, there were always the Weekender veterans who took to the stage to remind just why independent music in India has helped gain ground in the first place.

When Indian Ocean took their star-studded list of collaborators on to the stage to create a legendary moment in Indian music history. Imagine just how good it is when Indian Ocean team up with Shubha Mudgal and Vishal Dadlani?


And when The Raghu Dixit Project gave the audience, in addition to their earthy, soul-stirring fusion music, a featured dance performance by Nritarutya, and everyone had a taste of India’s pure cultural arts. 

And when Mikey McCleary of The Bartender revisited some of Hindi music’s classic numbers, and infused them with Jazz and old-school undertones and people danced their way through that beautiful nostalgia. 



And when Dualist Inquiry took to the stage telling everyone why India’s electronic music is on a qualitative rise. 


5. And when India had a taste of some real exceptional music from across the world, and we couldn’t wait for the names that would come the year next. 

Like when British singer-songwriter of Indian descent Luke Sital Singh sent the crowd into a collective emotional frenzy using just his guitar, his keyboards, and his exceptional smoothened voice. 

And when African band Songhoy Blues gave India the best of the continent R&B style. 

And it all ended with English rock band The Vaccines rounding it up with pure British independent rock. 


Honorary mention to epic moments from the past!

The NH7 All Stars (especially 2011)

The NH7 All Stars is the highlight of any weekender, and easily makes for some of our favourite moments from the editions gone by. The All Stars collective makes for an interesting mix of Weekender musicians taking the stage together and performing to mark the end of a particular edition. Indie darlings like Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, former member of Scribe, Monica Dogra of Shaa’ir + Func, Vishal Dadlani, Nucleya, Dualist Inquiry and Nischay Parekh taking to the stage to give the Weekender audience some inspiring sound coming in from all these talented quarters. Honestly, we cannot wait for how good the All Stars will be this 2015 edition.

If you want to know about every piece of brilliance that will go down at Bacardi NH7 Weekender this year, stay tuned to The Sherp.

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