Fans had paid between INR 8000 and 20,000 for different tickets, but were left helpless as the fake vendors had sold them fakes and had absconded with the money.

Last night, Mumbai witnessed a historic and rather enjoyable night glorified with the music of singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran. While thousands of eager fans flocked to the Jio Garden in BKC to watch their favourite pop music heart-throb, the fate of 200 odd people was rather unfortunate as they weren’t allowed inside the venue as they had purchased their tickets from unofficial vendors claiming to be BookMyShow salesmen and authorised ticket vendors. 

A man named Vishnu Poddar had reportedly collected money from as many individuals and is now nowhere to be found. Fake tickets were sold for as much as INR 20,000.

“We were issued e-tickets and told to exchange the e-ticket at the counter either on the day of the concert or on the day before. We have been following up with them for the last week but since yesterday we have been unable to reach them.” – said a fan to Republic TV.

BookMyShow officials had repeatedly warned fans about getting cheated by unofficial ticket vendors and people selling fake tickets and were supposed to purchase tickets only through official ticket links. The sale of fake tickets at major festivals is a rising problem that needs to be tackled. The best way to discourage it is for fans to follow the instruction of the organisers and refrain from purchasing tickets from anywhere but the official site.

No official complaint or FIR has been lodged yet, and action remains to be taken. Overall, Ed Sheeran’s concert in Mumbai proved to be a dream come true for many fans, and has left us with a memory of the night that can only be described as “Perfect“!

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