Tired of identifying specific tracks? Shazam just made your life a little easier.


Shazam has updated its iPhone app with an always-on feature, which makes it even easier to ID music playing close by.

Running in the background, Auto Shazam identifies music and other audio as you go about your daily business, so there’ll be no more fumbling around when there’s a song featured on an advert and your fingers just aren’t swift enough to switch on the app before it ends.

The app also works with other apps on your phone, even while the screen is locked, presenting you with a checklist when you do decide to load it up.

When a match is made, the song or TV ads and shows will automatically be added to your collection by order of date. However, Shazam’s TV show features only work fully in the US, and function on a selective basis in the UK.

shazam 2

Another downside to the feature is that it will more than likely drain your battery quicker than you can say “Shazam“, also the update may ID tracks that you probably don’t want to identify, for example – simple transitions between tracks may easily be misconstrued as part of the next track.

The Sherp thinks this is a great update that keeps you easily updated on fresh tracks that you can listen to later on. To enable the new feature, update the app via the App Store, open it and hit the ‘Auto’ button at the top-right of the screen.

Happy Shazam-ing!