Popular media sharing app Snapchat enables you to share your EDC Experience via one large Snapchat story.

To everybody who owns a smartphone – check your notification bar, you might have received a message from the Snapchat team. This is no ordinary system update alert, it’s a message for all you EDC goers to share your EDC moments on one super massive snap story. Here’s the video that played on your phones:


Anyone attending the Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas this weekend will be able to add picture or video snaps to a special “Our EDC Story” section of the app. Once people start participating, the Our EDC Story will function like any other Story, except that instead of snaps from a single user it’ll be a feed of content from everyone sharing to it.  For those not attending the festival, Snapchat users can add EDC Live to their friends list and see the ongoing live story throughout the weekend.

snapchat edc inside


Snapchat’s growing popularity as a media sharing portal has been further exemplified by this incredibly awesome way to share your best moments from EDC Las Vegas on one unified story. A great plus for people unable to attend the festivals.

edc snapchat inside

The Las Vegas Edition of Electric Daisy Carnival takes place this weekend (20 – 21 – 22nd June) at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Motorsports Complex. Stay tuned to The Sherp for more fun news!