Move over Drake; the Queen of Pop has some hardcore fans too! A Madonna Film Festival will happen in NYC later this month, and will showcase Madonna’s filmography over the years!

Let’s not forget that aside from singing her way to pop stardom, she did try her best at acting. The festival’s called Body of Work: A Madonna Retrospective, and it’s all set to show the public the best (worst?) of Madonna’s movies. She has done mediocre to horrible films during her career, but die-hard fans don’t give a shit about their star’s flaws, right?

Still from Dangerous Game (Courtesy:

As reported by Heatstreet, Metrograph is going to showcase movies like Who’s That Girl, Body Of Evidence and Dangerous Game, but have missed out on films like Evita (this won her a Golden Globe) and Swept Away.

The festival happens from August 31 to September 1, so if you’re into Madonna, this one’s definitely for you.