This new beer dispenser will change the way you experience festivals, once and for all.

One of the most common festival goer woes are the waiting lines at the water dispensers and bars. It sometimes feels you are spending more time in the lines than enjoying the music and the festivities, which can be a major downer. Washington based company, Bottoms Up, was listening and in return has answered with an amazingly innovative technology to serve drinks. The technology consists of two parts, the dispenser and the cup. The cup has a specially engineered removable magnetic bottom which is pushed up by the dispenser when the cup is placed on top of it. It then proceeds to fill your cup with your beverage of choice and re-seals the cup with the magnetic bottom in a matter of seconds.

Check out the Bottoms Up dispenser in action :

The efficiency of Bottoms Up is unrivaled, which drastically reduces the cost of goods sold. The system produces an average keg yield over 98% by utilizing two key factors. The system operates at brewer recommended settings which maintain the beverage quality i.e. reduced foam and it is also capable of being programmed to pour any amount. All of this makes the entire operation hands-free, drastically reducing user error. If festival organizers incorporate this technology into their festivals, the overall experience would get a major upgrade. Hopefully we see it in widespread usage soon.

How would this tech improve your festival experience? Let us know!