The GoTenna will let you communicate seamlessly without any connectivity 

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Staying connected with your friends at network-dead zones can make you feel miserable, considering how most of us are addicted to our smartphones. And when we find ourselves without Wi-Fi or data service, our most direct connection to everything becomes almost useless. That’s where GoTenna comes in.

GoTenna is part disaster relief, part slick smartphone accessory that designer Jorge Perdomo has created with the help of Brooklyn-based design firm Pensa. It’s a 5-inch aluminum and nylon device that pairs with a fairly basic iPhone or Android messaging app. The device can be conveniently latched on to your belt, and it lets you create your own private, secure communication network for sending messages without cell service using your smartphone. Here’s the promo video:

Steeply priced at about $149 (INR 9000) the device does put a dent in your pocket, but does come in handy in sticky situations. Find out more about it HERE.

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