The Aussie DJ/producer features Rishi Kapoor & Sridevi in the video of his new rework.

Today we get introduced to Australian producer Sampology through his reworking of Danny Brown’s track “DIP.” Adding a unique storyline to the remix, he created the new beat using a collection of samples he found while crate digging in India. In addition to providing a new backdrop to the song, Sampology also teams up with illustrator Monaux to create a whole new music video for the remix.

Housed by Vice’s Thump, the new clip consists of some old school Indian footage from the movie ‘Chandni’, where Rishi Kapoor (sporting the pink and blue face of Danny Brown) and south star Sridevi are seen to be frolicking about the place.

Here’s the clip :

Annnd here’s the original :

The Australian is currently touring the continent as well as New Zealand, the tour being named ‘Beyond Bollywood’. Featuring favourite tracks and visual as only Sampology can pull off, combined with new and unreleased tracks from Sampology, ‘Beyond Bollywood’ also features a bunch of fresh content collected and created on Sampology’s recent first tour to India.

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