The 36-year-old superstar footballer, entrepreneur and aspiring musician has more talents off-pitch than you think!

Former footballer, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, has once again tried his hand at rapping, in Brazilian producer Dennis DJ’s new single, “Professor da Malandragem” alongside singer/producer Wesley Safadão.

The two-time FIFA World Player Of  The Year is featured rapping the eponymous refrain of the Portuguese dance track “Professor da Malandragem”. As a consequence of Ronaldinho’s stardom, the video has racked up more than half a million views in just a few days.


Ronaldinho collaborated with Dennis DJ on EDM track “Vamos Beber” (translates to “Let’s Drink”) in 2014 as well. So it makes sense for the Brazilian midfielder to follow up his music career with the same producer. The six and a half minute video features two version of music videos.

Due to the minor hurdle of not understanding Portuguese, we aren’t clear what the song is trying to convey, but we do know that “Professor da Malandragem” means “Professor of Malandragem” and that “malandragem” is “a Portuguese term for a lifestyle of idleness, fast living and petty crime celebrated in Samba music and culture” according to Wikipedia.

Watch “Professor da Malandragem” below: