Mexico City gets a free concert by Roger Waters and his take on Donald Trump.

Music virtuoso Roger Waters gave a fabulous show at  Plaza de la Constitución in Mexico City on Saturday night. According to the estimated numbers, there were around 200,000 fans in the audience at this massive show which included tracks like ‘BREATHE’, ‘TIME’, ‘MONEY’ and many more in the two-hour set list.


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Throughout the performance, Roger took shots at politicians in both in the US and Mexico. Giant video screens displayed messages such as “Trump, you’re a fool” and an image of Donald Trump’s face on the body of a pig. He also called out Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto, saying, “You policies have failed … listen to your people, Mr. President.”

Post his departure from Pink Floyd, Roger has still been up with his work. He is now seen driving his audience towards causes which will benefit them. Also, he has been creating new music with his last single released in 2015. He has been experimenting with opera and other genres as well with his music.

Trump has proposed building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Waters told the crowd at a concert Wednesday night,“We don’t want a wall that separates us from our sister, our mother earth, or from each other.”