Throughout 2015, Pepsi® has given unprecedented opportunities for consumers to showcase their creativity and talent as part of the epic global #PepsiChallenge program. One of the challenges asked consumers to share a picture showcasing ‘How they Rock’ for a chance to win a dream prize – a trip to Rio de Janeiro and tickets to the Rock in Rio music festival in Brazil. A Pepsi fan from Pune, Abhimanyu Singh Negi, emerged as the winner and was flown across the Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a 4-day trip to attend the 30th Anniversary of the legendary music festival ‘Rock in Rio’!


1. Muito Obrigado (thank you so much) Pepsi!

This was an experience unlike any other. Not only did all of us Pepsi Challenge winners get to attend the star-studded Rock In Rio festival, we also got well-planned (and well executed) tours of the best attractions in Rio de Janeiro –including the Sugarloaf mountains, Tijuca Forest and Christ the Redeemer. All this, coupled with a comfy stay at a 5 star hotel in Copacabana was a dream! Sixty Pepsi Challenge winners from 15 countries visited the best places across the city, and we were treated like true blue VIPs. After an exhilarating four days of adventure and Rock in Rio, the Rio hangover is definitely one that’s going to take a long time to go away!

The Pepsi Blue VIP Pass / Tag for Rock in Rio

2. Rio – The Beautiful City of Rock!
No, this isn’t real

This was my first trip to Brazil and my first ever trip to the mecca of rock – the Rock in Rio festival in Rio de Janeiro. From the gorgeous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema to the wondrous Sugarloaf Mountains and the humbling Christ the Redeemer statue – we saw it all and I must say, Rio’s beauty is exotic and unparalleled.

20150926_165032Misty Mountain Hop

Soft Rock: Copacabana at night.

In the city, there was a palpable buzz around anything to do with the festival,  from merchandise vendors to sand art on the beaches of Copacabana dedicated to the world’s legendary Rock festival – everyone was truly excited to Rock in Rio!


This City Rocks – Pepsi Rock in Rio Special Edition can in Rio.

3. VIP, Baby!

Hello, VIP area.

VIP Terrace Area

Pepsi took great care of us – right from our arrival at the airport to our departure and everything in between. Needless to say, all we were expected to do was have a blast – and we did.
The special VIP entry made me feel like the real deal, without playing a note at the festival!

1 VIP Pass - Day 25
Rock in Rio VIP Pass.

The ‘lazy’ view in VIP

4. Rockin’ out at Rock in Rio

The ‘PalcoMundo’main stage at Rock in Rio 2015

We witnessed Rock in Rio in all its glory on 25, 26 and 27 September, 2015 – the last 3 days of the festival. Some of the artists I caught live were Slipknot, Mastodon, Steve Vai, Sam Smith, Rihanna, AlunaGeorge, A-ha and Katy Perry.

Steve Vai&Camerata Florianopolis


IMG_20151006_013853Katy Perry on Sky TV Display

The thing to note here is that Rock in Rio claims to be (and has always been) a festival for all styles (since the first edition in 1985). This was evident by the sheer diversity of the genres represented by the performing artists at Rock in Rio – the biggest and best names in Rock, Metal, Pop, & Dance/Electronica. Slipknot and Steve Vai were my personal favourites even before the show began, but every artist that played at Rock in Rio did justice to the passion and energy of the audience at the show.


5. The spirit of Rockin’!

The overwhelming sights and sounds of Rock in Rio are still very clearly etched in my head – there were literally thousands of passionate attendees and never-ending stages, shops and kiosks all over the hallowed grounds of Cidade do Rock(the City of Rock). The energy was infectious and spirit of rock unquestionable. The whole festival felt like a crouching dragon waiting to spit out fire at a moment’s notice, usually just before an artist took centre stage.


The festive lightshows at the end of the night


6. Good vibrations
The VIP enclosure from afar and the electric crowd in General Attendance

For anyone who’s ever been part of a rock concert, the rushes of excitement are not a momentary occurrence;the good vibes and awe-inspiring feelings of joy and anticipation run wild throughout. For someone attending their first concert, a live rock concert is a moment clouded only by more rock concerts in the future. At Rock in Rio, there were a lot of different generations and groups rocking out together – punks,metalheads, rockers, hipsters, oldies and teeny-boppers all in for that one wild ride called Rock in Rio.
Rollercoasters and rock n’ rollers


Words by :
Abhimanyu Singh Negi
Guitarist & Manager – Abraxas