Asia has seen its rise with hip-hop and now it’s slowly foraying into the trap scene and they’re getting good at it!

Trap music started off as an underground movement in the United States, but it wasn’t long before people all over the world started putting their own spin on the music. This resulted in some very diverse and rich outcomes! It was only a matter of time before the Japanese and Korean music got the ‘Trap’ treatment! It’s no surprise that hip-hop in Korea and Japan has been on the rise since a while.

Keith Ape could be one of the biggest influencers for this change. When he released the infectious “It G Ma”, it made everyone sit up and take notice. The Americans could no longer ignore the movement that was forming.

The single put Keith Ape on the map instantly. The song caught the attention of some of the biggest producers in the western world of music, from the likes of Wacka Flocka Flame to Skrillex! That is huge!

“It’s the natural progression in the way culture moves, as there is so much influence from West to East, East to West that there are no borders anymore in expression in creativity, the culture truly has crossed oceans to the point where there is so much interest, and interest sparks passion; passion sparks the next talent,” says Sean Miyashiro, the man behind the Asian rap label CXSHXNLY.

The rise in content can be attributed to some forces in the Asian industry which constantly churn out some of the best content while keeping in mind what to push ahead. 88Rising is one of the biggest contributors right now. Their aim right now is to push the versatility of Asian hip-hop and rap as well as the environment in which it is currently culminating!

They heavily emphasise on the fact that it’s not just about the rhymes and the bars but also about the visuals and the setting in which it is placed. They claim that Asian hip-hop now, is bigger than ever. Currently in the second and third generations of being introduced, they say that the newer artists that pop-up now are more aware of the current trends in the music industry. More exposure makes them sit up and take notice of the global influences that take place around music.

One of the biggest barriers to break has been the language barrier. Higher Brothers, another rap group fuse multiple languages in their rhythm. This seamless jumping from one language to another in the middle of a song plays a very crucial role of connecting with audiences to the far reaches of the world as language is no longer a barrier!

One of the breakout artists of the genre has to be Rich Chigga. 16 years old, a deep voice for someone that young, armed with a fanny pack, a slick video shot in mansions and the streets and him dropping some fire bars. For someone that age, it is truly commendable to get something together with such finesse. The video which dropped earlier this year has been seen by some of the biggest names has been touted as an impressive feat.

What really put Rich Chigga on the map was the “Rappers React” video which came out a few months. The video saw the likes of Ghostface Killah, Desiigner and Tory Lanez among more rappers watch the video and be completely blown away by the talent in the song. They were in denial about the fact that someone as young as 16 was so sure about what he wanted to deliver. They were so impressed with him, that the next Rich Chigga song is going to feature Ghostface Killah himself!

Rich Chigga with his hit, single-handedly put Indonesia on the music map. The world is taking notice of the past-faced movement Asia has fired up and with the right support and talent, the art form is surely on a steady rise to become a force not to be reckoned with.

Here are some of the biggest hits and the stars who are responsible for putting the Asian trap hip-hop genre on the map!

The Higher Brothers- Bitch Don’t Kill My Dab

Kohh- Paris

Okasian x Bryan Cha$e ft. Keith Ape – Underwater Bank

Keep an eye out for the next big Korean/ Japanese trap hit, because it’s going to happen soon!