Red Bull Radio brings you the best of Magfields 2016!

We all know the feeling. Days, even months pass following the conclusion of a music festival, but some particularly memorable sets linger in the back of our minds, difficult to revisit, and yet impossible to erase. The 2016 edition of Magnetic Fields in Alsisar, Rajasthan, left us with bittersweet memories of sets we could not, and would not forget for the world.

Credit: Magnetic Fields Festival

Now, thanks to the Red Bull Radio, a large number of these sets are available in full for streaming! Listeners can look forward to revisiting Tectonic’s boss man Pinch’s set, with his special live mix of forward-looking bass weight, Oceantied’s dubby blend of breakdowns and super-charged continuum rhythms, and even tune in to Sandune’s set, as she throws down lush synths, low-strung percussion and manipulates sound in with a futuristic flair.

Credit: Magnetic Fields Festival

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Credit: Magnetic Fields Festival

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Credit: Magnetic Fields Festival

The Red Bull Music Academy was founded in 1998 and is an institution committed to fostering creativity in music. The Academy has adopted the core principles that underlie their annual workshop for emerging artists and has applied this curatorial approach to events, studio sessions, festivals and lectures with musical luminaries such as Björk, Iggy Pop, Brian Eno and many others.

Tune in here:

Matias Aguayo

The Chilean-German powerhouse steps up with his very own take on all things dance and electronic.


Roman Flugel 

A key player on the German electronic scene for more than two decades: Roman Flügel captured live in the mix in India.




The Indian producer and RBMA alum blends dubby breakdowns and super-charged continuum rhythms.




One of India’s finest producers throws down lush synths, low-slung percussion, and manipulated sounds into a futuristic form.




Tectonic’s boss man steps up with his special live mix of forward-looking bass weight.




Balearic bass with a house swing: Amsterdam’s top selector Cinnaman captured live in the mix.




The French electronic wunderkind comes correct with a set of vivid soundscapes and chunky house grooves.



Sarathy Korwar

The classically trained tabla player and his band combine UK jazz influences into a heady worldwide musical brew.



Howie Lee

The Beijing producer explores the bass and beat spectrum alongside melodic twists of heady proportions.