REISE All Day Bar and Kitchen will host a uniquely scrumptious seafood festival this May!

Nestled in an unassuming corner on the bustling streets of Chakala, lies a door with the magic to transport you to Mumbai’s most unique travel themed restaurant! Yes, you guessed it right folks! REISE All Day Bar and Kitchen has come up with an amazing seafood festival that will last from May 5th up until May 19th.


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”Saint Augustine

Such is the story of your life, sadly, if you haven’t been to the uniquely themed restaurant that is REISE! Known for its extraordinary and artsy, travel inspired theme and interiors, REISE All Day Bar and Kitchen prides itself on being one of the very few restaurants in Mumbai that offer their diners a very unique culinary experience. 

Crabs in bulldog sauce anyone?

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Or…some appetizing fried prawns?

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Oh we do love good fried calamari rings!

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Some seasonal Caribbean Mango to down all that food!

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Or opt for a more refreshing Cucumber Fizz!

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Their specially curated menu for the Seafood Festival promises to be an ambrosial experience on your taste buds. The festival comes at a ripe time in the summer when seafood lovers will have the best and widest range of seafood delicacies served on a platter.

Among their signature dishes are Spicy Lemon Grass Soup, Crab served in bull dog sauce, Thai BBQ Squid, Chilli Orange Pomfret, Chilli Mustard Prawns, Crab and Rawas, Bombay Duck Fry, Surmai Tawa Fry, Pomfret Koliwada, Kane Fry, Seafood Biryani and Prawns Biryani. 

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The Seafood Festival at Reise is sure to be a culinary feast for seafood lovers and a perfect night to catch up with your friends as well. The scrumptious seafood dishes paired with REISE‘s famous poisons is sure to be a feast fit for a king!

Have a look at their extensive mouth-watering menu here!

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