Red Bull gives you wheeeeels!

If you weren’t at Wilson Gymkhana on Saturday evening you missed out on one of the most unique things to happen to the Indian gig experience in a long time.

Yup, October 5th was the day when Mumbai finally (and India) had its first look at the Red Bull Tour Bus along with its live stage.  Also, let this be known India is the very first Asian country to get its own Red Bull Tour Bus, joining Canada, Italy, Germany, USA and Poland amongst others.

The launch was hosted by Rohan Joshi, who kept the crowd entertained by his cheeky humour. The launch also saw some amazing performances of equally amazing (and immensely popular) artists – Dualist Inquiry Band, Scribe, Swarathma and The Supersonics (each band representing, one of the four corners of India.) Nischay Parekh, Spud In the Box and Your Chin also gave great performances.

The venue was pretty packed with an energetic crowd, thoroughly taken up by The Dualist Inquiry Band’s set. Swarathma and Scribe (in their Party Scribe avatar) also created quite a buzz with their comical stage antics, with Scribe managing to create an all girl mosh pit for their female metal fans. They also dropped a metal version of Justin Timberlake’s ‘What goes around comes back around’ which sent the crowd into quite a frenzy.

Seriously, props to Red Bull for bagging a great line up, a big enough location, and also making getting into the venue, simple.  Options ranged from being right in the centre of the music loving and dancing crowd to lazing on the grass near the tents.
There was a lot of good food, booze and of course whole lot of Red Bull to tank up on.

The Experience

As the night went on, the vibe just kept getting better. The Sherp caught up with some people at the gig and here’s what they had to say.

“For someone who loves a range of music with no particular genre favourites, The Red Bull Tour Bus and Wilson College Gymkhana was perfect. The highlight for me aside from the great line up for the evening, definitely included the location set up. Checking in to the location was no problem and the location perfectly suited both the enthusiastic front benchers and the ones who wanted to laze on the grass, me being the latter. Transition from one act to the next was far from awkward and the bus/stage was a great, unique and effective set up. Altogether it was an evening well spent and the only sad part was that the evening ended too soon. Although, the anticipation of the catching the bus at the NH7 Weekender keeps you going for another two weeks.” – Nisha Idicula

“I went cause of the bands and the creative stage I hears about. But I think once I got there it was more about the experience. Even though music was a great part of it, it felt like it was about being together and listening to stuff everyone liked. Honestly better than what I expected it to be. It was good that people come together for music and figure they have a lot more in common too. The energy levels were clearly very high! And that worked terrifically for me. The fact that it wasn’t indoors like in some studio I think contributed to the entire thing. Listening to music, sipping on whiskey, sitting on grass with happy people was what it was for me. And that is definitely a good thing.” – Vydika Rao

All in all, the launch was a definite success; and now we all shall wait, patiently
for what’s in store for us at the Bacardi NH7 Weekenders. (where the bus will also be a stage.)