It’s time to reminisce about the first Beonix music festival! Do you remember anything about those magic times? We remember what a roaring success it was. Many happy, inspired faces of satisfied fans, energetic and spiritual performers moving in tune with their creations, and festival makers surrounded by all the vibes, enjoying the whole picture. 

We will bring you back in time to see the events of those three days and revive the best moments. In 2022 Cyprus was shaken up by an international event of that size, and it was definitely worth the invested effort. So, let’s return to the first Beonix electronic music festival on the island and remember why so many people liked it.

The Goals Achieved by the Festival

Besides the atmosphere that reigned during the festival, everything worked smoothly like a clock. The festival creators initially set a high bar, and they managed to accomplish several vital goals, which can be confirmed by many reviews of cheery visitors.

First of all, if you remember, the event was hosted by about 50 DJs and musicians with globally known names. They were all performing on the largest world stages and sites with the capacity of over several thousand people.

Another notable feature of last year’s Beonix is its stage and visual effects. The whole decor was a twist of Michelangelo’s famous creation, “The Creation of Adam.” The engineers constructed two massive hands — a centerpiece that had many eyes on it. The background was lit by ten luminescent panels, maintaining and proliferating the overall theme.

And the last significant aspect, according to the view of our editorial team and many attendees of the 2022 electronic music festival, was the location and the atmosphere of that place. The Beonix makers succeeded in creating an invisible dome over the Larnaca beach. It was a special zone where people felt the whole plethora of positive and sensational emotions that are impossible to feel in daily life. 

Fantastic Guests Beonix Welcomed

To be more specific, we can remind you who became headliners of the last season because performers are always half of the success because their music generates the atmosphere around the place, which is another significant aspect of an exciting and memorable event. However, their personality is another benefit that adds to the list of their advantages.

Beonix exclusively gathered giants of the industry that tore up the stage for three wonderful nights. Each day there were more distinguished stars with their unique tunes, vibrations, and melodies. The most remarkable guests and hosts on the stage were: Carl Cox, Boris Brejcha, Jamie Jones, Luciano, Paul Kalkbrenner, Satori, Sasha Digweed, Deborah De Luca, and others.

Unforgettable Festival Mood and Atmosphere

The Beonix 2022 event did not encompass only music; it became a blend of art and a creative space supplemented with powerful sounds produced by skillful music selectors. The atmosphere is always the most challenging aspect of the whole venue, which consists of many elements, only sometimes visible. 

The attendees’ perception stands ahead of everything. And in their view, that European festival was associated with a trip to another planet or even a galaxy. This proves that the Beonix creators absolutely nailed it and achieved a unique air around the whole event.

Altogether an opportunity to see the best DJs, dance all night, exchange emotions, watch many art performances, and feel like a star left only positive memories and provided all visitors with a bunch of energetic and inspirational influences for another year.

Waiting for the Next Beonix Music Event

Beonix makers were highly pleased to know that the crowd fully appreciated their work. They received much gratitude and were happy to continue their developments in this direction. So, the next Beonix festival is going to be even bigger. 

The creators slightly changed the concept of an upcoming event, but the basics stayed the same. The festival covers three main aspects: art and creativity, inspiring atmosphere and transformative vibes, ecology, and humanity. This Fall, its fans will travel to another mysterious and unexplored 9th Planet. Nobody yet knows what to expect, but all we receive are only hints that attract and let you tremble in sweet anticipation. 

For now, the makers of the event released the list with the first world-leading selectors who will be hosting Beonix this Fall. Here you may see the names that are on everybody’s lips, like Paul Kalkbrenner, Black Coffee, Brina Knauss, Luna Semara, Innellea, and many others. 

Escape reality for several days with the electronic music festival Beonix! See you in Limassol from 22-24 September 2023!