Chase and Status are headlining

I mean, IT’S CHASE AND STATUS! Why in the world will anyone not want to see them live?
What’s better? They’ve JUST dropped their new album Brand New Machine, so lets hope we hear some of their new material at the festival.

And while we wait, (albeit impatiently), we shall listen to their new album to soothe our nerves. Yes, we shall.



Much to our (collective) delight and relief, the famous Weekender buckets will be available at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Pune. So while you’re hopping from stage to stage, make sure you’re armed with the bucket of your choice. The best thing about the bucket is that you don’t have to keep hopping to the bar for a drink. One or two (if you’re the adventurous type) can keep you satisfied for the duration your day.


Less Is More

The good folk at OML and NH7 are out to try something different this year, just to heighten the experience of the Weekender for festival goers. They announced that they will be going with a ‘Less Is More’ philosophy – i.e. selling only 9000 tickets for the festival. This (they hope) will ensure a friendlier, more inclusive and comfortable experience for people attending it.
In an interview with Mumbai Boss in August, Vijay Nair, CEO of OML promised, “The best possible experience for the people who have been part of the OML journey.”

Watch the video and see for yourself.


Bring your dog to the party

If you’re one of those over-zealous dog owners who can’t go anywhere without their pup, this festival is perfect for you. To accommodate to your doggie’s needs, NH7 has once again has teamed up with Party Barky Hai (PBH) for the festival. (Judging from last year’s experience where dogs were seen enjoying themselves.)
Fret not,  experienced professionals and trainers from PBH will help you and your dogs have the 3 best combined festival experience.

Interested? Here’s everything you need to know –


Red Bull Tour Bus

After its successful launch in Mumbai, The Red Bull Tour Bus will be making its first pit stop at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune. Let’s get one thing straight, this bus will double as one of the 6 stages at the festival and will be featuring popular homegrown talent like Modern Mafia, Scribe (in their party Scribe Avatar), The Supersonics and more! It is definitely, something to look forward to.


The Vibe

Over the past three years, the Weekender has developed a reputation of being one of the happiest places to be. Imagine three days of music, drinks, good food in the company of your favorite people. The versatility of music, stages (and their production) and art installations just add to the whole feel of it all.

Pune is where it all started and will always be the home of this festival and comes with a full recommendation from The Sherp.