Over 100 hours of incredible music awaits you later this year. 

Last year, the Desert Hearts Fetival drew about 2,500 people to an Indian reservation northeast of San Diego, which doesn’t impose curfews, allowing the party to rage for 70 hours straight. This year, for their third anniversary, the festival has decided to kick it up a notch and shower their faithful fans with 100 hours of unadulterated ‘techno, house and love’.


(Image Courtesy: blogs.wsj.com)

As awesome as it sounds, it also sounds exhausting. “You can go to sleep at any time and know that whenever you wake up you can hop back into it,” says founder Mikey Lion to WSJ. This festival takes their love mantra seriosuly. Every attendee is greeted with a hug upon entrance, and the whole aura of the festival diverges vastly from a Tomorrowland or an Ultra.

The festival does not serve alcohol, but does have super cozy hukkah lounges called ‘healing sanctuaries’. The Desert Hearts experience aims to focus more on the music, deeming it more ‘transcendental’ than other festivals, according to Mikey Lion.

The festival just revealed their 2015 dates – November 5-9. View the official flyer below.


(Image Courtesy: Desert Hearts Facebook)

Tickets, as the flyer says, go on sale on September 14. Do keep tabs here, because we will have more updates for you soon.