Here’s a hand-picked compilation of the best book/literary festivals from across the globe.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
Jorge Luis Borges

Book enthusiasts and nerds everywhere rejoice as we compile a list of the must-visit book and literature festivals everywhere. From Jaipur’s historically abundant literature festival to Cumbria’s picturesque Words by the Lake festival, we’ve got you covered.

1. Jaipur Literature Festival

Where: Jaipur, India

When: January

Every January, the ethnic community of the beautiful city of Jaipur, gather to celebrate the vast literary history of the country. Jaipur Literature Festival is said to be the largest free book festival, held in the truly majestic Diggi Palace Hotel. This five-day festival celebrates the excellence and intricacies of Indian, Rajasthani and international writing.

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2. Irrawaddy Literary Festival

Where: Burma

When: February

Uplifting Burma’s stagnant publication industry, despite its rich literary history, Burma presents Irrawaddy Literary Festival. Held on Mandalay’s Kuthodaw Pagoda, the festival venue and a Unesco World Heritage Site, this festival promises to encapsulate the pleasure of being a reader through Burmese and international writers, cartoonists, translators and artists.

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3. Words By The Water Festival

Where: Cumbria, UK

When: March

Words By The Water is a peaceful gathering of people who adore books as much as the organizers of the festival do. The festival has speakers from all over the world sharing  their written work. With the breathtaking backdrop of Theater by the Lake to accompany the festivities, this book festival is the ideal quietude an ardent book lover needs.

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4. Southern Literary Festival

Where: USA (City/State depends on the year.)

When: March

Southern Literary Festival is an organisation of schools and colleges in the USA where each institution that’s part of the organization comes together to the college that’s hosting the specific year’s event. The 2o14 edition of this festival was hosted by University of Mississippi and the 2015 edition by the University of Georgia. Featuring several international writers every year, this festival is the perfect place for those who wish to dive into the depth of literary discovery.

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5. Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts

Where: Colombia, South America

When: May

In the exotic city of Cartagena thrives Hay festival, a celebration of the evolution of literature, cinema, geopolitics and art. The biggest Hispanic literary event, this festival takes place ove rthe span of four days in the exuberant and colorful city of Cartagena. The 2016 edition of the fest is set to commence on 28-31 January.

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6. Letterature

Where: Rome, Italy

When: June

Letterature festival is a grand book festival that takes place in beautiful, historic setting of Basilica di Massenzio within Rome’s ancient Forum. This event features some of the greatest international authors for seminars and intimate discussions, both, over the five exhilarating days of the festival. Letterature serves as a fantastic summer getaway with the droolworthy surroundings of Rome and a chance to breathe the same air as your favourite author.

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Where: Brazil, South America

When: July

On the exotic coast of Paraty, Brazil, is celebrated FLIP festival, a serendipitous affair for all book and art lovers. If you’re the kind of person who would enjoy sitting on the beaches of Brazil in the early hours of dawn, discussing literature with someone who loves it as much as you do (I mean, who wouldn’t?), this is your go-to place.

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8. Edinburgh International Book Festival

Where: Scotland

When: August

Celebrated annually in Scotland’s capital city since 1983, Edinburgh International Book Festival (quite a mouthful, this one) is the hub of rich literature and those who appreciate it. Popular for its high profile book discussions and debates, this fest plays host to many well-known authors from across the globe. So fellow bookworms, prepare for Edinburgh’s 2015 edition this August.

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9. Latitude

Where: Suffolk, UK

When: July

Latitude comes off as just another Brit music fest at the first glance. But contrary to popular belief, Latitude harbours and inculcates poet laureates, lyricism stars, rappers, slam poetry, storytellers and more in its festivities. This coupled with extravagant theater acts in the midst of Suffolk’s Henham Park forests, deems this festival enchanting.

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10. Theakston’s Old Peculiar Crime Writing Festival

Where: North Yorkshire, England

When: July

Easily the world’s largest crime writing festival Theakston’s will celebrate its 13th edition this year. Host to some of the world’s most popular writers (ahem, J.K. Rowling), this festival is truly paradise for those who have a soft spot or affinity for crime fiction. Held in the wonderful spa town Harrogate, Theakston will be back this July 16-19.

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