Rayquaza is probably one of the best-designed legendary Pokemon of all time. It burst onto the scene in the 3rd generation of Pokemon main series games and made its way to Pokemon GO just recently. Originally from the Hoenn region, this flying beast packs a punch and can take one any Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Rayquaza is mostly found in raid battles or through events as it is a legendary Pokemon. So if you had a lucky day and managed to catch the king of the skies, this guide will be really useful for you. If you still haven’t caught him and want to do so, there is also a list of the best counters in this guide so that you catch him with ease.


Rayquaza Pokemon GO guide

Rayquaza’s stats are as follows, Attack – 284, Defence – 170, Stamina – 213, and max HP at level 40 – 180. The stats are incredible, to say the least, you can utilize all the powers of Rayquaza most efficiently if you follow the moveset given below –

Offense – Dragon Tail and Outrage

Defense – Dragon tail and Outrage

Best Counters

Rayquaza is a Dragon/Flying type Pokemon, so it is naturally weak against other dragon types, fairy, rock, and ice type moves. So the best counters for Rayquaza are Darmantian, Kyurem, Mamoswine, Weavile, Glaceon, and any other strong ice type Pokemon that you have available. Hope this Rayquaza Pokemon GO guide has been useful to you!

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