Bundles in Free Fire are one of the most unique features of the game. However, some bundles are not very easy to find, therefore only a selected few players own these. Here are the top 5 rarest bundle in Garena Free Fire.

5. Bunny Warrior Bundle

This bundle was available at the draw a bunny event. This is one of the rarest bundle in the whole game.

rarest bundle

4. Galaxy Dino Bundle

The Incubator featured this blue galaxy dino bundle including six others. However, this was removed from the Incubator a few days after. Due to its unique style and high price, the blue dino is a rare to find bundle.

Galaxy Dino

3. Hip Hop Bundle

This bundle was released in the second elite pass of the game. The game wasn’t so popular at that time. Therefore, only a few players are known to own this bundle.

Hip Hop

2. Shadow Red Bundle

This bundle is the most well-known bundle in the game. Although this bundle appeared in an Incubator, not a lot of players got the chance to get it.

1. Sakura Bundle

The Sakura Bundle is the most difficult to own. Therefore the community always looks out for this in events and Incubators.

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