Interpret lyrics & detect your favorite rap songs at the touch of a button.

For all who didn’t know – Rap Genius is a website dedicated to the annotation and interpretation of lyrics, primary source documents, poetry, and other forms of text. The page is a sort of a Hip – Hop Wikipedia dedicated to information pertaining to the A – Z of the genre.

The app also includes a Shazam-like feature that instantly offers up annotated lyrics after briefly “listening” to and identifying music that’s playing around you. The founder of the website, Tom Lehman claims this to be the true launch of Rap Genius, which was launched as a website way back in October, 2009.

Here’s what the interface looks like :



The website has had a bit of a tough time recently with Google, after the search engine removed the site from its main search page, accusing it of scamming bloggers for clicks. Although it looks like they’ve ridden through the storm after news surfaced that they landed a licensing deal with Universal Music Publishing, following which they launched this iOS version.

Everything is on-the-move these days and websites launching pocket versions of themselves seems to be the ideal way to increase their global reach and consumption. Genius is a great tool not just for track identification & lyric reading, but the annotations and meanings (which are provided by the database itself) of the variety of lyrics fed into the system make this a wonderful learning portal as well.

The application is available for free download on the iOS platform, while the android version is still in its final touching – up stage. Go get it.

Looks like The Sherp’s got another distraction.  Great stuff.