Bacardi NH7 Weekender’s last two editions are remaining to unfurl. Between Pune and Bangalore, which one stands better for you? We discuss.

The 2015 round of Bacardi NH7 Weekender has had a monumentally successful start, with a brilliant debut at Shillong, and crowd-favourite runs at Delhi and Kolkata. In the southern plateau of the country, Pune and Bangalore will be battling it out on December 4 to 6 and December 5 to 6, simultaneously. Which one are you attending? The Sherp has all the information it takes.

Pune = 3 days = additional fun

Since five years, the Pune edition of Weekender remains the only 3-day festival of the lot. This has worked to the festival’s advantage in many ways. It’s  a plus-one day worth of fun to be had, in addition to more number of artists spaced out brilliantly over the 3-day event. Plus, it’s a pretty good excuse to bunk Friday’s day of work.


Bangalore = 2 days = No Weekday misses

One of the best things about Pune, unfortunately, has also been one of the most common complaints against the edition. The 3-day schedule of the festival leads to several people missing the Friday leg due to work. All those unfortunate souls who cannot get away from work miss some precious music lined up for that day. Experience says that the crowd on Saturday is always twice than that on Friday.

Bangalore’s 2-day run makes sure there are more hits than misses. It’s the weekend bonus, through and through.


L. Subramaniam

So important is India’s premier violinist that he deserves a point of his own. When Bacardi NH7 Weekender released, what is arguably, its best lineup yet these year, the Pune attendees were quite upset from the violinist’s absence from the Pune lineup. Having given a stellar performance at Weekender Delhi, with another one at Bangalore this year, fusion music enthusiasts will surely miss his presence at Pune.


Laxmi Lawns v/s Embassy International Riding School

Blessed with a large expanse, and green ground, Laxmi Lawns and Embassy International Riding School, where Weekender Pune and Bangalore will be held respectively, are the perfect places to hold the happiest music festival.

The former, in the hub of the city of Pune, stands a perfect distance from the city, even while awarding an exclusive experience. Its large space allows it to be demarcated into various units for the festival, including the three stages, the activity areas and the ferris wheel. The latter is a luxurious cornerstone of Bangalore whose large space guarantees the best Weekender experience.

Weather perfect

Thankfully, Pune and Bangalore both have enviably comfortable weather conditions during the month of December. A little sun might greet you during the afternoon, but it can get really cool, almost cold, as the evening progresses.

No clashes in Pune!



With such amazing artists lined up for each of the editions, the two-day run at Bangalore ensures a few clashes. Pune, you’re safe.

Pluses and Minuses

Much like L Subramaniam, Pune and Bangalore have a fair number of artists who are exclusive to either editions. While Bangalore gets Brodha V, Clinton Cerejo, Nanok, Thaikuddam Bridge, Tails on Fire, Sky Rabbit, Erotic Market and The F16’s among others, Pune gets a slew of indie talent such as Peter Cat Recording Co., Alisha Pais, Raghav Sachar, Hidden Orchestra and the inimitable Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan tribute by Vishal Dadlani. It’s a win-some and lose-some situation.

All good!

With the exception of a few, the biggest artists are all set to take over the two editions. A R Rahman, Flying Lotus, Mark Ronson, SBTRKT, Mogwai, Swarathma, and Arka, amongst others will be at both the editions. Here’s to a happy weekend.

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(Image source: Bacardi NH7 Weekender Facebook)