Fret not, Weekender newbies! Here is some seasoned advice from a Weekender veteran – The Sherp.


1. Making use of the shuttle buses is the smartest thing you can do

Here’s why: You really don’t want to be driving back from the festival tired and inebriated. Instead, head to and back from the venue with the shuttle services provided by the festival (that run from various parts of the city). The folks at Bacardi NH7 Weekender really know how to pamper this sh*t out of you.  Details about shuttle tickets will be out soon.

2. Know your artistes beforehand to save time

Apart from that pre-planned list of favourites you’re dying to see, Weekender is more about discovering new music. We suggest you use every spare minute researching acts you haven’t heard yet.

timthumb (1)(Image courtesy : Navin Devnani)

3. Stock up on cash

Yes, there is an ATM inside the festival venue, but waiting in the queue will practically kill you. Do yourself a favour and come loaded with cash – enough to buy you a few drinks, some shwarmas and random knick-knacks from the flea market.

timthumb (4)(Image Courtesy: Shiv Ahuja)

4. Have a bucket (or two) 

Oh we assure you, the Bacardi Bucket will be a highlight of your Weekender experience.

timthumb (5)(Image Courtesy: Dev Ambardekar)

5. Accommodation

For the lot of you travelling from other cities, (say, from Hyderabad to Bangalore or Mumbai to Pune) and don’t have a place to crash, make sure to book your accommodation in advance. If you’re travelling in a group, service apartments are the best for hosting your own after-parties.

timthumb (6)
(Image courtesy : Shiv Ahuja)

6. Pre-parties & after parties

Speaking of shindigs, keeps your eyes and ears peeled for news on after-parties or pre-parties to the festival. Also, while you’re at the festival look out for some secret-sets. They’re pretty damn awesome.

7. Student & Community discounts

Score a mean discount on tickets, if you’re below the age of 21. For those of you who’ve previously attended any NH7 event (Weirdass Pajama Festival, The Royal Turds, Invasion Festival) you’re entitled to a discounted community ticket and a free bucket!

Get all the deets here!


8. Comfortable footwear

This is for you, ladies. If this is your first time to a festival, be warned there will be a lot of walking, jumping and running involved. It would be wiser to come wearing comfortable shoes like flats or boots. Also, November gets pretty chilly in the evenings so there’s no harm in carrying along an extra sweatshirt or coat to layer up.


9.  Don’t skip the flea market

From kitschy trinkets to good food, the flea market has it all. Be sure to check out cool brand activations and activities as well. Last year at Levis’ D.I.Y T-shirt stall was a a big hit.

Tshirt Stall Weekender

10. Stay connected

If you’re attending the festival with some friends, make sure you all have your cellular devices all juiced up. However, finding reception while you’re inside, might be a little tricky so make sure you co-ordinate with your friends prior to the festival.

timthumb (3)(Image courtesy: Praeek Biswas)

11. Stay nice

As clichéd as it may seem, it doesn’t cost you a thing.

timthumb (2)(Image Courtesy : Maanas Singh)

12. Come say hi to The Sherp!

You’ll find The Sherp’s photo booth somewhere around the flea market. Come on over for some free pictures and good company. 🙂