The Sherp unravels the epidemic that is ‘Post-Festival Blues Syndrome’ plaguing ravers the world over!

The festival is over and what an overwhelming time it was! You’ve driven back home and now you’re coping remarkably well with the reality of your everyday life. NOT! PFBS (Post Festival Blues Syndrome) is a real thing. It is a hard struggle to re-adapt to reality. And once you’ve been to a music festival, you don’t stop.

Here are some withdrawal symptoms a raver struggles with. If you find yourself doing most of these, we have news.

1. Incessantly YouTube-ing videos of the festival and the artists who played at the festival.

2. Convincing yourself that the clamorous buzzing in your ears was worth it.

3. Incapable of taking off the festival band for at least two days.

4. Frantically & desperately trying to locate yourself in post-event photos and aftermovies.

5. Listening to the tracks you heard at the festival. On repeat.

6. Binging on anything edible that’s laid before your eyes.

7. Revamping your toilet into an unkempt and revolting nastiness to reproduce the ones you used at the festival.

8. Camping out in your backyard.

9. Not ceasing to wear bizarre clothing despite being at home.

10. Failing to remember you have a cat to feed.


The madness doesn’t end. So before you switch to the real world mode, make sure to book your tickets for the next crazy festival. Because, The Sherp says:

The only cure is MORE festivals!