Alcohol and drugs are a major part of today’s music festival experience. And with the global festival season at it’s absolute peak, one is bound to come across an array of ‘ravers’ caught in compromising positions all over festival grounds.

The Sherp is always at your service and because we know you are not going to give up on the intoxication part, the least that he can do is give you tips on a few positions you should avoid being photographed in, at a festival:


Alone. LOL. 



Avoid arguments with the girlfriend. You know you’re going to pay the price. 

dont fight with your girlfriend


There’s really not much you can do if you’re just blessed with bad timing. 


Avoid being tossed around like a sack of meat. 



Avoid smoking cannabis and a few years in federal prison. 



Figure out your sexual inclination.



Avoid fancy underwear.



Never, ever be the first to fall asleep.

wake up on time





When in doubt, leave the door unlocked.