After two back-to-back shows at Soundstorm in Saudi Arabia and Wonderfruit in Thailand, Polygon Live has established its position at the cutting edge of live 3D experiences. In everything it does, it continues to redefine how we interact with live music.
A short survey conducted during the festivals revealed that 70% rated Polygon an 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 for live experiences, and over 60% of people would seek out a festival that had a 3D space now that they had seen one. “It’s hard to go to another stage once you’ve experienced Polygon,” one respondent said, while another added, “I think this is the best live experience I’ve ever had in my life”.

The dazzling line-up that performed at Polygon was similarly blown away. Pioneering electronic artist Viken Arman described the Polygon space as “by far the best stage ever made”, and psychedelic house producer Mita Gami loved its “perfect sound, hypnotic lighting, and floor full of love”. Brazilian DJ Reple said it was “definitely the most special show I’ve ever done so far. Closing this stage was a dream come true.”

Polygon is made possible by a team of groundbreaking sound, lighting, engineering and design professionals. Together, they build a hemispherical truss and rig it with a system powered by L-Acoustics’ trailblazing L-ISA technology. L-ISA allows the artist to place and move individual elements of the mix around or above the audience, in a 360-degree dome of sound. The result is an intimate, unique experience that brings a feeling of connection to audience and artist alike.

Hosted by MDL Beast, Soundstorm is the largest music festival in the Middle East. In early December, it welcomed approximately 700,000 people through its gates over three days. For the first time since Polygon came into being in 2018, representatives from L-Acoustics, the manufacturer behind the sound technology Polygon uses, were able to see the system in action at Soundstorm. Laurent Vaissié, CEO of L-Acoustics, had this to say:

“Polygon has taken the electronic music festival to an art form. Their commitment to providing the absolute best, multi-sensory environment is revolutionary and a transcendental experience that every serious dance music lover needs to experience. We are thankful to share and support their vision through L-ISA’s immersive content creation and full 360 system deployment at Soundstorm and Wonderfruit. Polygon is leading the way for curated music experiences, we can’t wait to see where they will take it next.”

Says Polygon CEO Nico Elliott, “Soundstorm was an opportunity to bring our team members back together after the pandemic and see where our innovation and creativity had taken us in those years. It was a blank canvas — our favourite kind of space.”

Meanwhile, Thailand’s Wonderfruit — a celebration of art, music, food and ideas — holds a special place in Polygon’s heart as it was the place where Polygon first came to life. “Seeing Wonderful return in late 2022 for the first time since Covid was a meaningful moment for us all,” Elliott adds.

Soundstorm and Wonderfruit were Polygon’s post-pandemic launchpad. From here, the team is intent on bringing its space to the world, and revealing to music lovers the true power of a technically state of the art, creatively infinite, and exquisitely curated stage.


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