Polo G has been seen as a rising figure in the hip hop community for years now, his catchy melodies and on-point lyricism earned him this status of his. He has been on multiple hit songs and now can safely say that he’s one of the top guns in the industry.

His latest project titled Hall Of Fame debuted at #1 on the billboard 200 charts, this is his first album to ever reach the peak of the charts. His earlier projects The Goat and Die A Legend debuted at #2 and #6 respectively, so you can say that his #1 debut was a long time coming. He was slowly building towards a better sound and now that he has it, it’s only upwards from here!

Hall Of Fame is being loved by the fans ad has been streamed millions of times already, the album some great songs and features from upcoming artists which suit Polo G’s vibe and style perfectly.

Recently Polo G also got into a bit of trouble with the police when he was returning from a party, according to official reports he resisted arrest with violence. Polo G’s mom was very vocal about this situation on Twitter and there was a lot of ruckus following his arrest, read more about it here – Polo G arrested