Cops are scary and this threat has us shook (with laughter)!

There are several occasions where the police department is trying to get people to take certain measures seriously but we tend to take matters quite lightly thinking that no harm could come to us since the situation will not arise. However, the police officers from Minnesota do not think so.

The Wyoming Police Department pulled out the big guns in order to let people of the State be cautious during Thanksgiving Thursday by tweeting this;

Yes ladies and gents, the police have in a second, single-handedly, broken the internet and your younger sister’s heart. The tweet have been shared all across the web and the police department are making things even funnier with their responses to other questions about the band as well as others like Nickelback!

(Credits: tumblr/wigglegif)

And the people are loving it! One member of the social media site went on to tweet “One Direction is bad enough, but cover bands. That would be in violation of the 8th amendment.” BURN!

Since the post went up, many are trying to peruse a relationship with the person running the account as well as requesting their own town cops to have such hilarious tweets. They were quick to take up on a few statements for his/her benefit for a raise!

Is it weird that this one officer gives me hope for humanity? I kid you not, if you have a bad day, just check out their Twitter account. You’re welcome.