In an absurd turn of events, Victorian Police Authorities have threatened various pill testing operators in music festivals with criminal charges.

Earlier this year, the police authorities themselves gave the go-ahead for these pill-testing operators to set up shop in different music festivals to help kids figure out what the drugs they had, actually were. But, now they suddenly changed their mind about it, stupidly enough.


In a recent statement made by a spokesperson for the Victoria Police, he said-“In Victoria, it is illegal to use, possess, cultivate or traffic illegal drugs in any way.” On the other hand, the man who was responsible for the movement taking flight in the first place, David Caldicott, said that any arrests made regarding Pill Testing would be wrong. 

The police fail to see that the pill tests are literally the only way kids get to know if the drugs they possess are lethal, given the recent rise in deaths in music festivals all over the world.  The NSW Police Minister Troy Grant was reported saying- “A pill test may tell who what it exactly is, but it has no way of telling you whether it will kill you or not”.

Regardless of what they say, the pill-test is something that should not be stopped, keeping in mind the kids who go to festivals with no idea of what they’re handed.