Music is the most subjective form of art to have ever been created by humans. While there are some people who actively dislike music and would much rather spend their time doing other activities to entertain themselves like gambling on LeoVegas India, a majority of people do enjoy music quite a lot. There are way too many types of music that people can choose from but there’s one genre that a whole separate fan base. People who love psychedelic rock do so to an insane degree.

Hypnotic is a word that is commonly used by music critics all over the world to describe the best psychedelic rock songs and it’s easy to understand why once you listen to these songs. They cast a certain spell on the listener that can pull them into a whole different world where a rock isn’t just a rock and everything has deep philosophical meaning but can also mean absolutely nothing at the same time.

If the last sentence left you feeling a bit hazy then you are ready to start your journey into the world of psychedelic rock with this 10-song starter pack.

Strawberry Field Forever – The Beatles

Let’s start with the band that is considered by many as the best musical act of time, The Beatles. While the uninitiated might think that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is the best example of their foray into psychedelic rock, there are only two songs that are actually in the running for the title of their best psychedelic rock song and Strawberry Field Forever is definitely forever.

Tomorrow Never Knows –The Beatles

We aren’t done with the British invasion quite yet. Tomorrow Never Knows is the other Beatles song that can be considered as their best psychedelic rock song ever and it makes a very case for itself. If Strawberry field forever can be described as a hypnotic masterpiece, the tomorrow never knows is whatever happens after a person gets hypnotized by music. A must-listen for every fan of psychedelic rock who wants to remove themselves from the world around them, be it for a small amount of time.

The Less I know the better –Tame Impala

The more you get to know Tame Impala and their music, the better your playlist is going to get.

Tame Impala is unique in the sense that every single of their songs is of abnormally high quality and the fact that all of it is actually made by just one person is enough to blow anyone away. The Less I know the better is perhaps their most iconic and mainstream song to date and a perfect way for anyone to get started with their discography. Just remember that Trevor is not a nice person.

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

Widely considered as the best psychedelic rock band of all time, Pink Floyd revolutionized the entire music industry when they launched their first album. Comfortably numb isn’t just a great song, it a true work of art that is appreciated by millions of people all over the world but even that number seems small when the actual quality of the song is taken into consideration.

Echoes –Pink Floyd

While keeping this list diversified is a major priority, not mentioning both of these songs by Pink Floyd would have been a great disservice to anyone who makes a playlist based on it. While the album this song appears on wasn’t as big as The Wall or the Dark side of the moon, the song itself become an instant classic and is still extremely popular worldwide.

Sweep Me Off My Feet—Pond

Pond is a relatively new band that is making it’s presence felt throughout the English music industry. The most recent song on this list, Sweep Me Off My Feet is a testament to the fact there are still bands who can make great psychedelic rock songs and for that, they deserve all the love and admiration the psychedelic rock community can offer.

Gamma Knife– King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

With possibly the COOLEST band name ever, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are another modern psychedelic rock band that is making big waves in the world of music. They have a unique take on the genre itself and that much is apparent in their songs. While Gamma Knife is a good place to get started on their music, it might take you a few repeats before the song truly hits you hard.

Baba O’Riley – The Who

It’s easy to forget nowadays just how influential and popular The Who was during its peak and that it produced amazing songs like Baba O’Riley that deserve a lot more love than they are currently receiving. A true psychedelic rock ballad that needs to be on the playlist of ever real psychedelic rock fan at least once during their lifetime.

Let It Happen –Tame Impala

While the beat of Let it Happen is enough of it considered as being one of the best modern songs, it’s lyrics are what raise it to the status of a classic. The best way to describe the experience of listening to this song on a loop is to use its own lyrics, so just put this song on and hit the play button and let it happen, it’s gonna feel so good, just let it happen.

The End – The Doors

Simply put, The End by The Doors is the best psychedelic rock song of all time and thus this list would never have been complete without it. However, this song should be listed to only after you have heard all the other 9 on this list in order for you to truly comprehend it’s actual greatness which makes this song the perfect way to conclude this list.