It doesn’t happen only in India but its better than anything else.

India is a melting pot of cultures. You’ll find a variety of options in various things ranging from festivals, art, food, religion and more. But one thing that stands out is the influence music has in the country. There are a number of places that you can visit to have the overall experience of music and its influence even in the Indian way of life.

1. Goa for all things EDM

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Goa is the place to be for NYE and there’s a reason why. All the biggest EDM festivals, from Sunburn to the Tech Fest, this state has seen it all. And if  that fails to live up to your expectations, you can visit a number of pubs near the beach like Nyex Club and Titos for a more enthralling experience.

2. Mumbai and its live performances


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Mumbai has all the latest performances from all genres ranging from Raghu Dixit to Parikrama. Even Coldplay’s high profile visit for their Mumbai concert has created a big stir in the city. A must visit is the Mahindra Blues Festival that takes place in Mehboob Studios as well as live performances at the Hard Rock Cafe. Make sure to catch the amazing performances from classical music acts and performances at the National Centre of the Performing Arts (NCPA) showcasing Indian and International talents.

3. Jaipur’s Folk


Culture and tradition has been rich in India and is showcased beautifully in the Rajasthan city of Jaipur . The Langas, Sapera, Bhopa, Jogi and Manganiar are some genres of Rajasthani folk music you need to experience on your trip to the desert. Make sure to also visit the Chokhi Dhani village for the best dance and music performance by the locals. They make for some amazing musical entertainment and with the beautiful Pink City as your backdrop, you’ll never want to leave!

4. Chennai and its Carnatic Music


Carnatic is a form of music that originated in South India. Classical music enthusiasts will love the city’s love for this genre. Many kutcheri shows and festivals are held here in a grand way. Chennai hosts two major cultural festivals such as the Madras Music Season and the Chennai Sangamam which highlight the Carnatic music in its totality. Also visit the Ananthaswami Centre for Carnatic Music which organises free concerts.

5. Shillong’s Blues


This capital city of Meghalaya rests in the mountains and has its music roots deep into blues, so deep that it’s Blues and Jazz Festival is internationally known. With places like Cafe Shillong, which is known for the best music and food, you can’t go wrong even if you haven’t heard the music or at least tasted the food.

6. Headbanging Bangalore

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Bangalore is the hub off all underground and rock music. I’ve personally visited their Bangalore Open Air festival and it was mental for the lack of words. The crowd  is wild and energetic and this usually helps to elevate the performance to a whole new level. Bands like Albatross, Bevar Sea, 1833 AD perform in the city quite often and is a must-watch for metal heads.

7.  Delhi and its Mixtures


The Indian capital is notoriously famous for its ideas that combine two rather distinct qualities together, specially in music. Places like the Downstairs at Zo combines a restaurant and an open stage for contemporary music, and Rumbar combines Jazz and Funk to give the most unique sound in this city.

Does your city have a musical story to tell?