Chicago’s biggest rock festival is here with their 2015 lineup – and it looks incredible. 

For those of you who need a breather from the overwhelming amount of EDM festivals sneaking up on you out of nowhere, here’s one with a lineup both eclectic and not driven by mainstream EDM acts.

Pitchfork Music Festival has been a benchmark for all underground/rock festivals out there. This year, its back with a wonderfully eclectic lineup that’s a fair blend of rock, hip-hop, indie/pop and their respective sub-genres. Headlined by Wilco, Chance The Rapper, and the nearly forgotten Sleater-Kinney (remember Modern Girl?), this lineup looks pretty damn good so far. Take a look at it below.


(Image Courtesy: Pitchfork Facebook)

PMF hits Union Park, Chicago on July 17-19. For more details, make sure you follow Pitchfork Music Festival on Facebook and check in on The Sherp as well.