Warning: Someone did a Game of Thrones+Pokémon GO cosplay that is going to blow your mind!

Pokémon GO is everywhere and the first nerdy gathering since its release, the San Diego Comic Con was no exception. The place is a mecca for nerds and since this was the first convention since the game’s launch, we expected people to really turn up the Pokémon GO cosplay. And we were surely not disappointed!

People were incredibly creative. Like, check out this adorable PokéStop!

(Credits: Tyler Murray)

Cosplaying as their Pokémon GO was big and most of them got it bang on!

(Credits: Ejen)

(Credits: cnet.com)

Dressing up as your favourite Pokemon was another raging cosplay trend that saw people display some serious creativity!

Like this guy dressed as Misty. Adorable.

(Credits: Brian Moreno)

Mad Max met Pokémon Go in this strange cosplay

(Credits: Jon Holderreid)

But the award for the best Cosplay HAS to go to this genius merged the two most important things for the world right now. Pokemon Go and Game of Thrones.

(Credits: classinfinity.com)

His cosplay features three evolutions of Charizard from the expanded universe perched on his shoulders. And do not miss the Pokeballs/dragon eggs he’s got going.

(Credits: techinsider.i0)

House Ketchum remembers, y’all.

Bonus: A first-hand look of how it was catching Pokémon at the Convention.