The Mumbai Ballard Estate kicked off their second season of celebrations in grand fashion!

The Mumbai Ballard Estate festival, which was launched in 2015, saw an incredible outpouring of love and affection from all age groups. The festival was aimed at providing a well rounded cultural experience for anyone who wanted to have the perfect laid back weekend! The famed South Bombay venue used to come alive every weekend. The acts at the festival have ranged from musical performances by some of the best artists, film screenings, dedicated kids zones, art zones, silent open-air cinema, flea markets and multitudes of food options!

Mumbai’s Ballard Estate festival, which has kicked off, is going to commence their duties of spreading joy and cheer till the month of May, 2017. The opening ceremony saw everyone come out to get a taste of the diverse cultural activities at the event!

Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping, took time out from his busy schedule to grace the event.

There were plenty of thought-provoking paintings by various artists all over the venue. Pablo Ramirez Arnol, a world renowned artist, along with the Consulate of Argentina, put up a stunning series of watercolours to soothe the eyes.

There was a special high intensity fitness session which was conducted by none other than Shivoham, fitness trainer to the celebrities. Famous for his fitness program called Shivfit, people were seen taking part in the sessions very emphatically.

The kids had an awesome time as there were a ton of activities for them to indulge in! The parents also seemed to join in on the fun. There was a bouncy-castle on hand, an origami station and performers all around to keep the toddlers entertained throughout the day!

As the day progressed, there was a plethora of fun things to do for adults as well! Silent open-air movie screenings were held, where everyone was handed out a pair of wireless headphones and there were comfy bean bags strewn all around. It is the first and only open-air cinema in Mumbai.

The evening was lined up with star-studded performances by Shibani Kashyap, Arjun Kanungo and Anmoll Mallik!

The streets also came alive once darkness fell, with the beautiful flea market shops being lit up and people loitering around buying the things on display.

The excitement and the joy the people showed is just testament to the fact that the coming weekends are all going to be fun-filled celebrations! All in all, the Mumbai Ballard Estate Festival had an insanely successful opening ceremony and they are ready to set up another phenomenal show for their upcoming Signature Weekend, which is scheduled on 26th and 27th November 2016 at Ballard Estate! 

The excitement and the joy the people showed is just testament to the fact that the coming weekends are all going to be fun-filled celebrations!

(All images courtesy – Mumbai’s Ballard Estate Festival)