Dominator wrapped up its 2016 edition with some stunning pictures to prove why it sets the global standard for hardcore festivals!

A staple at almost every Q-dance event, Dominator had a spectacular endshow to close the festival, and this video is 26 minutes of pure hardcore bliss, if there is serenity in distortion. You’d just want to be there to feel the vibes with the huge crowd.

This year’s tagline was ‘Methods Of Mutilation’, and boy did they find a lot of methods to mutilate the crowd! It’s safe to say that everyone lost their shit here, but that’s what listening to hardcore does to you, so it’s pretty normal. These pictures are not normal, though, and they’re going to give you major FOMO. Drool!

1. The artists were the architects of this madness.

The crowd was as ecstatic as ever!

3. A festival is incomplete without its costumes.

4. The firework displays were worthy of being called headliners themselves.

5. There was some offroading in the midst of all the madness.

6. Just look at how pretty Dominator looks from the skies!

7. Dominator never ceases to amaze with its top-notch stages and production.

8. Reach for the skies, then feel the gravity bring you down!

Yet another edition of Dominator comes to an end, and we already can’t wait for the next one!(ALL pictures taken from Dominator’s Facebook page)