Yes, we’re all aware of how TomorrowWorld inched to a watershed close, but before it all went down, the festival did have an incredible EDM-fueled run, and we have the pictures to prove it.

The Sherp was present at TomorrowWorld to witness the mayhem in all its glory. From the magnificent stages, to the different genres of electronic music present to enthrall one and all, to the quintessential rave outfits on display, TomorrowWorld had it all. While we work on our review of the dance music mega-event, here are some images from TomorrowWorld’s backyard, that show that the festival was indeed a lot of fun.

1. Let’s go back and remember what makes TomorrowWorld click. Grand stages, artistic glory, large number of people, and raving spirit. It was all there in its 2015 edition too!


2. People walked into the 2015 edition of TomorrowWorld bearing a lot of positive spirit!


3. Not to mention, an armload of camper’s tools!


4. They were welcomed in true TomorrowWorld fashion!


5. You had to hand it to all those ravers who know they were going to have one hell of a weekend!


6. Like every year, this year too, people turned up in the most eclectic fashion!


7. In fact, eclectic doesn’t even cut it!

TMW2015_0924_184858-5851_CCW 2

8. Proving that rave fashion at TomorrowWorld can never be gone!


9. So, yes, TomorrowWorld 2015 was very bit as theatrical as one would expect it to be!


10. With a show of friendship and camaraderie!

Fashion Shoot2015_0924_155933-_PP

11. Because, obviously, TomorrowWorld is the space for some incredible friendships!

by @Philippe Wuyts Photography

12. And some grand show of love –

13. Really, though –


14. It’s no surprise that there was an artistic sentiment overwhelming most of TomorrowWorld. From outfits –

15. To the pretty art installations – 


16. To the enormous stage designs! 

Exhibit A –


17. Exhibit B –


18. And Exhibit C –

Each, equally variant in style and design 


19. Speaking of the stage, who can forget the manic madness behind the music?


20. The Sherp tells us that the electronic music at TomorrowWorld was every bit as awesome as it could have been!


21. And while the music was consumed, alliances were forged!


22. Right from partying –


23. To colourful camping societies!


24. TomorrowWorld witnessed some good ol’ electronic music festivities!


25. However, things did earn the ire of a bad thunderstorm disaster, resulting in a watershed day 3 –


26. Leaving many stranded, leading to an unfortunate TomorrowWorld ending 


27. Hopefully, TomorrowWorld will resurrect to brilliance next year, yet again. 

TMW2015_0924_190323-0608_ATW 2

(All Images courtesy : TomorrowWorld and Instagram)

Stay Tuned for an objective in-depth review of TomorrowWorld by the Sherp!