The much-loved Governor’s Ball might have prematurely ended on Saturday thanks to a horrible thunderstorm that ceased Sunday’s festivities, but that didn’t stop the shutterbugs from taking amazing pictures of the annual city festival.

The Sherp has picked the best photos from the weekend that was Govball 2016, so take a look at them and drool!

1. A flurry of emotions were present at Govball, showing just how the good people of NYC party.

the-governors-ball-2016_26849359214_o the-governors-ball-2016_26849361474_o the-governors-ball-2016_26851190503_o the-governors-ball-2016_26851190533_o the-governors-ball-2016_26875894414_o the-governors-ball-2016_26875913444_o the-governors-ball-2016_26877495003_o the-governors-ball-2016_27181931730_o the-governors-ball-2016_27181932080_o the-governors-ball-2016_27207896670_o

2. Anyone up for this offer? Anyone? No? Okay.


3. Who doesn’t like silhouette shots? Here are some of the best silhouettes from Govball 2016.

the-governors-ball-2016_26877495393_o the-governors-ball-2016_27181927750_o the-governors-ball-2016_27207898870_o the-governors-ball-2016_27458502565_o the-governors-ball-2016_26849364084_o the-governors-ball-2016_26877350943_o

4. What’s a music festival without props, costumes and hand fans?

the-governors-ball-2016_26877495213_o the-governors-ball-2016_27181927580_o the-governors-ball-2016_27386903531_o the-governors-ball-2016_27450558786_o

5. The performers were in their element. Nobody slouched, and everyone gave it their best.


the-governors-ball-2016_27458501865_o the-governors-ball-2016_27484858005_o the-governors-ball-2016_26849364174_o the-governors-ball-2016_26875901574_o the-governors-ball-2016_26875902074_o the-governors-ball-2016_26875909824_o the-governors-ball-2016_27385844962_o

6. Guitars are built for two things. Strumming and destroying.


7. The rain might have been a bit of a mood dampener, but that didn’t stop the good folk of New York from coming out and having a blast.

the-governors-ball-2016_27450390456_o the-governors-ball-2016_27207898400_o

(All above photos courtesy: Forest Woodward / Govball NYC)

8. Instagram was filled with photos from the event too.

All these photos make us wish Sunday wasn’t cancelled. But then, there’s always a next time for everything, and we can’t wait for the 2017 edition!